The Cork Club are holding their annual Herd Competition at the end of July (Closing date for entry is Friday 12th July 2024)

→Further information and to download the entry form please click here←

Cork Herd Competition Rules & Regulations

The Competition is confined to within a Club area.

Herds will be categorised according to size.

  • Small            0-8  Breeding Females
  • Medium        9-18  Breeding Females
  • Large            19+ Breeding Females

Note a “Breeding Female” is considered a female who has had at least one calf born before the closing date of entry.

All cattle eligible for the competition must be shown to the judge.

Entry Fees will apply according to herd category.

  • Small         €50.00
  • Medium €75.00
  • Large           €100.00

Points will be allocated to each herd as follows:

Knowledge & interest in own herd & Limousin breed 30
Docility 50
Consistency & Type 40
Health & Condition of cattle (young stock) 25
Health & Condition of cattle (older stock) 25
Conformity to Breed type 60
Total Available Points 230


Judging will take place on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th July 2024

Categories Judged across all herds are Best Young Bull, Best Young Heifer, Best Group of Calves. Additional categories may be incorporated at the discretion of each individual club.

The Decision of the Judge is final.

The Closing date for all Entries is 12th July 2024

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