With grass buyers starting to appear around the sale rings up and down the country, the trade for quality cattle remains strong. And, to get an insight into the trade for Limousin commercial animals, we caught up with GVM Tullamore Mart Manager, Antoinette Daly, who talks about recent trends at the midlands-based mart.

“The quality of Limousin cattle coming through the mart at the moment is very, very strong,” she began. “The trade for all types of stock is strong – which is great, but more often than not, the Limousin cattle are topping the trade.

“There is a huge amount of interest around the ring for the 500kg plus Limousin-cross, with a large majority of them going to feedlots; then you have the lighter 400kg Limousin being bought by grass farmer,” she added.

In recent years, many herds in the midlands area have changed system to milk production and Antoinette notes that there is a very strong demand for the Limousin-cross coming from the dairy herd in the mart.

“Once they have good conformation, there is plenty of buyers out there for them. In Tullamore at the moment, 20-30% of Limousin cattle coming through the ring are from the dairy herd – which shows that dairy farmers are seeing the benefits of Limousin genetics on their milking herd,” she concluded.

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