The following are the results of the North Eastern Limousin Club Herd Competition 2022. Judging was by Pierre Roy and Daniel Thuery, and took place from July 11th to July 15th.

The presentation to winners took place on August 8th in Mountnugent. Irish Limousin Cattle Society president Alan Kelly presented the prizes.

Small Herd Results

Best Small Herd
1st Karalla Herd – Michael Brady
2nd Greenville Nua Herd – Sean Cooney
3rd Lemongrove Herd – Shane Griffin


Best Heifer
Joint 1st Castlebrock Tinkerbell Gerard & Martin Davis
Joint 1st Anaghanne Tilly Declan McCaffrey
2nd Grenville Nua Tonic Sean Cooney
3rd Ryne Trixy Mark Hagen


Best Heifer 1/1/2021 – 31/5/2021
1st Rathnestin Sandy Ray Bird
2nd Annaghanne Saphire Declan McCaffrey
3rd Copperdoor Susan Michael Brady


Best Heifer 1/6/2021 – 31/12/2021
1st Macs Smart Ass P & A McPhillips
2nd Moss View Saraha Eamonn Orohoe
3rd Grenville Nua Spectacular Sean Cooney


Best Pedigree Cow (Dry) or In-Calf Heifer
1st Scotchtown Ester Gerard & Martin Davis
2nd Lomann Lexus Gerard & Martin Davis
3rd Greenville Pandora Sean Cooney


Best Pedigree Cow with Calf at Foot
1st Annaghanna Nena & Annaghanne Tik-Tok Declan Mc Caffery
2nd Greenville Nua Lana & Greenville Nua Tonic Sean Cooney
3rd Drummin Highlander  & Drumullin Trigger Frank Kiernan


Best Bull of 2022
1st Jodel Toby Jimmy O Donnell
2nd Karalla Titus Micheal Brady
3rd Greenvilla Nua Trigger Sean Cooney


Best Bull 01/01/21 – 31/5/21
1st Killnamuddy Star Attraction Nevelle Pratt
2nd Aughalion Sport Paddy Clerkin
3rd Jodel Snoopy Jimmy O Donnell


Best bull 1/6/21 – 31/12/21
1st Rathnestin Sonny Ray Bird
2nd Lemongrove Sennan Mick & Shane Griffin
3rd Killywilly sandford Nevelle Pratt


Best Group of Suckling Calves
1st Karrella Herd Michael Brady
2nd Greenville Nua Herd Sean Cooney
3rd Moss View Eamonn Orohoe

Medium Herd Results

Best Medium Herd
1st Boherquill Herd – Paul Callaghan
2nd Powerful Herd – Philip Crowe
3rd Corlea Herd – Tom Connor


Best Heifer 2022
1st Skealon Tammy R & R O Reilly
2nd Corlea Tess Tom Connor
3rd Boherquill Toya Paul Callaghan


Best Heifer 01/01/21 – 31/05/21
1st Newtown Sizzles Stanley Richardson
2nd Newtown Srarlight Stanley Richardson
3rd Newtown Sparkle Stanley Richardson


Best heifer 01/06/21 – 31/12/21
1st Kilcor Sarah R & N Gill
2nd Boherquill Snowdrop Paul Callaghan
3rd Powerful Sophie Philip Crowe


Best Pedigree Cow or In-Calf Heifer
1st Powerful Ombre Philip Crowe
2nd Grangeford Philomena Paul Callaghan
3rd Kilcloon Roberta Seamus Goggins


Best Pedigree Cow with Calf at Foot
1st Corlea Maddie & Corlea Tess Tom Connor
2nd Kilcor Maisie & Kilcor Tipper R & N Gill
3rd Boherquill Pearl &Boherquill Sam Paul Callaghan


Best Bull 2022
1st Corlea Top of the Pops Tom Connor
2nd Kilcor Tommie R+N Gill
3rd Kilcor Tucker R+N Gill


Best Bull 01/01/21 – 31/05/21
1st Corlea Soda Tom Connor
2nd Kilcor Sylvester R & N Gill
3rd Corlea Stellar Tom Connor


Best Bull 01/06/21 – 31/12/21
1st Newtown Spencer Stanley Richardson
2nd Newtown Superman Stanley Richardson
3rd Ballinascraw Sheldon J & S Lynch


Best Group of Suckling Calves
1st Newtown Herd Stanley Richardson
2nd Boherquill Herd Paul Callaghan
3rd Skealon Herd R & R O Reilly

Large Herd Results

Best Large Herd
1st Milbrook Herd – William Smith
2nd Ernevalley Herd – Eddie Lynch
3rd Kilnamuddy Herd – A & F Brennan


Best Heifer 2022
1st Milbrook Tanya William Smith
2nd Collistown Totti Archie Lambert
3rd Creenagh Tara Joe Logan


Best heifer 01/01/21 – 31/05/21
1st Ernevalley Simone Eddie Lynch
2nd Milbrook Sportyspice William Smith
3rd Milbrook Senorita William Smith


Best Heifer 01/06/21 – 31/12/21
1st Ernevalley Sophia Eddie Lynch
2nd Creenagh Sereana Joe Logan
3rd Milbrook Sexyspice William Smith


Best Pedigree Cow or Pregnant Heifer
1st Baileys Mya Tom Bailey
2nd Milbrook Paula William Smith
3rd Ernevalley Nika Eddie Lynch


Best Pedigree Cow with Calf at Foot
1st Creenagh Tina & Creenagh Linda Joe Logan
2nd Collistown Nancy & Collistown Totti Archie Lambert
3rd Kilnamuddy Natasha & Kilnamuddy Todd EMU A & F Brennan


Best Bull 2022
1st Ernevalley Top Gun Eddie Lynch
2nd Baileys Tee 836 Tom Bailey
3rd Milbrook Tarvis ET William Smith


Best bull 01/01/21 – 31/05/21
1st Creenagh Santiago Joe Logan
2nd Kilnamaddy Simon A & F Brennan
3rd Ernevally Showman Eddie lynch


Best bull 01/06/21 – 31/12/21
1st Milbrook Sydney William Smith
2nd Kilnamuddy Stanley A & F Brennan
3rd Creenagh Sam Joe Logan


Best Group of Suckling Calves
1st Ernevalley Herd Eddie Lynch
2nd Milbrook Herd William Smith
3rd Killnamuddy Herd A & F Brennan


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