The North West Limousin Club Herds Competition is confined to breeders in the club area – which caters for breeders with a herd number in Co. Roscommon, Sligo, Mayo and Galway, or breeders who were accepted as club members in last year’s competition.

Entrants must be club members. Annual subscription is €20. Membership fee can be added to the entry fee if not paid previously. Competition entry fee is €50 for the herd. There are also some individual competitions where the breeder can enter an individual an animal in one of the classes f-l. The entry fee to enter one animal is €20.

It is expected that the competition will take place in late August. Mr. Stephen Illingworth from the noted Glenrock herd based near Lockerbie has agreed to judge the competition. The Glenrock herd was founded in 1982 in Yorkshire but moved to its current location in 1995.

Stephen sold the record breaking Glenrock Illusion in Carlisle for £125k and also sold a bull for £25k last month (Glenrock Redemption). Stephen is no stranger to Irish breeding and has used Irish bulls as stock bulls before – including Bremore Artist and Mystic Gucci.

He has judged nationally and internationally and the club is delighted to be bringing him to judge the club competition.

Categories will be decided after entries are received and divided into three sections based on cow numbers on 15/7/22. Each category will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. There will also be an overall herd award and an award for the best novice herd that has not entered the herd’s competition previously.

There are also special category awards for:

• a) best group of calves (born after 1/9/21)
• b) best group of maiden heifers (born 1/9/20-31/8/21)
• c) Best group of In-calf heifers
• d) best progeny (under 1 years old) of one AI sire and
• e) Best progeny (under 1 year old) of a stock bull
• f) Best cow family (three generations minimum).
The last six categories (f, g, h, I, j, k,l) are open to any eligible breeder to enter individually. (i.e. no need to enter the entire herd).
Note. Cattle from herds in the main competition are automatically in these six sections
• f) Best 2021 born heifer
• g) Best 2021 born Bull
• h) Best cow with 2022 born calf
• i) Best in-calf dry cow
• j) Best Bull born before 1/1/2021
• k) best 2022 born female
• l) best 2022 born male

Please fill in the entry form and return to: Michael Gunn, Hillview, Ovaun, Elphin, Co. Roscommon. Tel.: 086 3122897. The closing date Friday, July 15th.

An entry form is available HERE.

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