Pictured above: Irish Limousin Cattle Society CEO, Ronan Murphy, with Ashbourne Meats Procurement Manager, Willie McCormack, and Operations Manager, Donal Houlihan.  

The Irish Limousin Cattle Society has secured a 10c/kg bonus for pedigree cows and stock bulls with Tipperary-based meat processor, Ashbourne Meats. The partnership will see the processor pay an additional 10c/kg on top of the base quote – on any given week – for these animals that meet a certain specification.

The bonus will be paid on pedigree Limousin cows grading R+ to U with a fat score 3- to 4+, and stock bulls grading E or U with any fat score. Farmers with these animals must present the animal’s pedigree cert on the day of slaughter to avail of this bonus; animals with certs presented after slaughter will not be eligible for payment.

Ronan Murphy, Irish Limousin Society CEO, said: “We’re delighted to secure this bonus for Irish pedigree Limousin breeders. Limousin cattle have proved a highly-versatile beef breed performing for both farmers and processors.

“The breed is renowned for its market leading beefing characteristics, with exceptional feed conversion efficiency (FCE), average daily gain (ADG), killing-out % and primal meat yields.”

Limousin carcasses in Ashbourne Meats

Also commenting on the partnership, Ashbourne Meat’s Operations Manager, Donal Houlihan, said: “We are proud to develop this relationship with the Limousin Society and our farming customers. Limousin carcasses are consistently hitting specifications in terms of weights, grades, and meat yield, and deliver a top-quality product that is highly sought after by our customers.”

Ashbourne Meats is one of Ireland’s leading beef processors. Since its foundation in 1985, the company exports Irish beef to the UK – its main market – and all over Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. With plants in both Naas, Co. Kildare and Roscrea, the processor slaughters approximately 1,200 head on a weekly basis.

Weekly prices will be published on the Irish Limousin Society website and Facebook page every Friday. Anyone that would like to book their animals in for slaughter, can contact Ashbourne Meats Procurement Manager, Willie McCormack, directly on: 0858502994

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