The South West club held a show and sale of commercial Limousin heifers in Castleisland mart on Wednesday 10th April 2019. The pre-sale judge was Mr. Padraig McCarthy. Many thanks to the management and staff of Castleisland mart, to both the sellers and purchasers of Limousin livestock and to Sarah McElligott for organising the show and sale.

A sample of some of the prices and weights:


Weight (Kg) Selling price (€)
542kg 1320
416kg 924
442kg 1075
392kg 850
496kg 1065
3  x  385kg 990
394kg 895
604kg 1440
325kg 930
430kg 1250
486kg 1100
322kg 1200
386kg 1030
438kg 1120
344kg 800



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