Below is a list of Genetic evaluation publication dates for 2019 & the cut-off dates for submission of data and genotype samples

DNA samples to be received at ICBF/Lab Last day for all data for evaluations* Publication – 3pm on date below
21st November 2018 7th December 2018 Monday 21st January 2019
9th January 2019 8th February 2019 Thursday 21st March 2019
6th March 2019 11th April 2019 Tuesday 21st May 2019
8th May 2019 7th June 2019 Monday 22nd July 2019
10th July 2019 9th August 2019 Monday 23rd September 2019
11th September 2019 11th October 2019 Thursday 21st November 2019

*Data, pedigree and valid genotypes

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