During these unprecedented times Irish Limousin is continuing to work for you

We have a listing of LIMOUSIN BREEDERS on our website known as LIMO LOCATOR If you would like to be included on the Limo Locator please print out and fill in this LIMO LOCATOR form – It needs to be signed by the breeder and returned by post to the Limousin office or alternatively email it to [email protected]

Some breeders have used ICBF to create a catalogue of cattle for sale – this catalogue can also be added to your profile on Limo Locator (for an example look on the LIMO LOCATOR at Limerick breeders at the Corcamore herd).

To create a catalogue you need to be a member of HerdPlus with ICBF.

Login onto your ICBF account – (if you have any problems please call ICBF directly at 0238820222)

Go to APPLICATIONS on the menu bar


A listing of all cattle in your herd will appear

  • Tick your choice(s) in the SELECT FOR SALE column (right hand side)
  • Once your happy with your selection – go to the end of the page and click CONTINUE
  • You will than see your selected cattle numbers (you have the option to add comments and sort the catalogue from here) you than choose BEEF PEDIGREE CATALOGUE and click on GENERATE CATALOGUE
  • From the 4 options that now appear choose (by clicking) DOWNLOAD PDF FILE

Your catalogue will now be on your computer – you can email this to [email protected] for uploading to the LIMO LOCATOR.

Stay safe! Together we will get through this


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