With farm profit harder to achieve each year it is becoming vital that farmers become aware of any opportunity to increase their income. Limousin cattle can definitely play a role in achieving increased profitability in all livestock sectors.

For dairy farmers Limousin can add value to calf sales without compromising on calving difficulty, an essential requirement on any dairy farm. Likewise Lim X Friesian make ideal suckler cows and are in high demand throughout the country due to their ability to calf easily, produce and rear a high value calf. For the dairy farmer who finishes his own cattle Limousin can once again help to improve returns through, feed efficiency, high kill-out, good grades. Limousin cattle are versatile and can be finished at different ages without compromising price.

Suckler farmers can also reap the benefits of using Limousin through easy calving (very important with most farms single labour units.) Limousin cattle grow quickly and have the ability to achieve a high price due to demand from both the export and home trade who recognise the potential of Limousin cattle. Suckler farmers can also have the added benefit of being able to produce their own relacements for the herd at first cost and without compromising animal health (closed herd).

The Irish Limousin Society are conscious of what Irish farmers require and are always looking at ways to improve farmer satisfaction. One example is Docility which would have been a worry, however the society have been to the fore in addressing this issue and now have a list of high docility sires to help farmers in their sire selection.

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