An article by Adam Woods of the Irish Farmers Journal of Saturday 30th December 2023 presents the prices of bullocks and heifers in the commercial sales rings for 2023, it also shows the price changes in the three preceding years – 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Limousin comes out on top in the Heifers 300-400kg at €2.86/kg, Heifers 400-500kg at €2.90/kg, Bullocks 300-400 at €3.06/kg, 400-500 at €2.98/kg and 500kg+ at 2.78/kg.

Since 2022 the price / kg of LMX has also increased across all weights:

Weight Heifers: Bullocks:
300-400kg +€0.49 +€0.44
400-500kg +€0.32 +€0.33
500kg+ +€0.20 +€0.08



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