The Irish Limousin Society have launched a new photo and video competition in the lead up to its spring sales which kick off in Elphin Mart, on Saturday, March 12, with the Premier Bull Show and Sale.

The society is calling all pedigree and suckler farmers to either send top-quality photos or a short video clip of their new-born calves and their dams.

The competition will be split into two categories – ‘Best Pedigree Calf’ and ‘Best Commercial Calf’ with prizes given for the top three spots in each category. In order to be in with the chance of winning some fantastic prizes, there is certain criteria that must followed, and judging will be based on: a natural birth; calf quality; calf vigour; and maternal ability of the dam.

All photos and videos will be posted on the Irish Limousin Cattle Society Facebook page, with the winners announced in the coming weeks.

Here’s an example of some photos:

Prizes on offer:

• 1st prize: ILCS Jacket, Beanie and €50;
• 2nd prize: ILCS Jacket and Beanie;
• 3rd prize: ILCS Gilet.

Farmers and breeders wishing to enter the competition are asked to send their photographs or videos (in landscape format / phone sideways) to the Irish Limousin Society on Facebook or email: [email protected]. These images and videos should be accompanied by the farmer’s name and address and the bloodlines or breeding information of the animals.

Philip Crowe of the Irish Limousin Society said: “We want to showcase all that the Limousin breed has to offer. It is an easy-care breed with ease of calving traits, vigorous calves at birth, and maternal and efficient dams with plenty of milk to rear their calves.

“The key to a profitable suckler enterprise is a quality calf per cow every year; one that gets up and sucks without any assistance and goes on to achieve top prices – just like we can see in marts across the country at the minute.”

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when taking pictures and/or videos:

• Have the sun or the source of light on your back
• Make sure the camera is in focus
• Photograph the animal(s) on level ground, snapping the picture at different angles
• Make sure the background is neat and tidy
• All legs and feet should be visible
• Avoid allowing the animals to take up the entire frame, but also avoid taking the photo too far – try to find a happy medium between the two
• When videoing, hold the camera steady and let the animals do the work
• Avoid sharp movements and panning side-to-side if possible
• Avoid lengthy videos

The Irish Limousin Society reserves the right to use the photos or video clips sent in for promotional purposes at its discretion.

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