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Following last years YMA event at Elphin Show, seasoned showman, Richard O’Beirne has kindly provided some useful phrases to widen your vocabulary when giving your presentation to the master judge.

Please see below a list of some phrases you can use when describing an animal’s good/bad points.

We hope this will be of use to those preparing for the upcoming National YMA finals at Bridgetown Show on July 25th.


  1. Good character and harmony
  2. Good pigmentation around eyes and muzzle
  3. Bad pigmentation around eyes and muzzle
  4. Breedy head
  5. Wide between the eyes and a broad muzzle.
  6. A plain headed bull/heifer
  7. A narrow faced bull/heifer
  8. A long plain headed bull/heifer that lacks breed type and character
  9. A sweet headed heifer
  10. A strong headed masculine bull


  • Neat and smooth about the shoulders
  • An extremely good fronted bull/heifer
  • Not as neat in the brisket or as smooth in the shoulders
  • The neck blends well into the shoulders
  • A broad chested bull with good muscle development
  • Too wide in the shoulders and sloppy in the brisket
  • Narrow chested bull/heifer
  • Full in the heart with excellent spring of rib
  • Sharp on the shoulder and weak behind the shoulder
  • Open and course behind the shoulder
  • A neck and shoulder that blend smoothly
  • Sharp over the top of the shoulder
  • A short thick neck
  • A long slender neck
  • A full chested bull and full over the heart


  • A good straight wide top line with good loin development
  • A weak top, dipped in the back and weak on the loin
  • Nice fleshed top line
  • A poorly fleshed top line
  • Good square plates and wide pins
  • Sloped plates with narrow pins
  • Good tail set
  • High tail head
  • Wide hips
  • Smooth hips
  • Too prominent of its hips
  • Tight and narrow of the hips


  • Good round its end
  • Long deep quarter coming down well to the hock
  • Well developed end
  • Great width and round to its outer quarters
  • Well developed on its inner thigh
  • Weak on its inner thigh


  • Stands square and correct on his feet and legs
  • Too close at the hocks
  • Too wide at the hocks
  • Sickle hocked
  • Cow hocked
  • Post legged
  • Toed-out in front
  • No movement or flex of the hocks when walking
  • Stands squarely on his legs
  • Hooked on the hind legs
  • Out on the front knees
  • Bowed on his right/left leg
  • Weak on his back pasterns


  • Great stride and loose movement
  • Very free when walks
  • Good balance and very square when walking
  • Swivels on back legs when walking
  • Toes out on the front when walking



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The Irish Limousin YMA is open to all interested in Limousin cattle aged between 12 and 25 years. Application forms are available from the society office at 025-85036 or from:

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