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Tinahely Show, Co Wicklow which is one of the Premier shows in Ireland   was the venue for the 2011 South East Calf Finals. The South East club which has a large number of  breeders has always viewed their calf finals as one of the main events of the year and has always been well supported.

The judge for this year’s finals was Mr John Green, Carndonagh Co Donegal, a much respected cattle and sheep breeder. Mr Green’s Greenhill herd has had much success in both the show and sales ring, indeed progeny from his herd have also had major success in the UK.


Class 74 Heifer born in 2009

1st Milbrook Ester
2nd Roundhill E Giroflee
3rd Ballyquirke Eva
4th Allstar Eithne

Class 75 Heifer born between 1/1/2010 & 1/9/2010

1st Milbrook Florence

Class 76 Bull born after 1/9/2010

1st Donnelly Fantastic
2nd Tomriland Frankie
3rd Templequain Foley

Class 77 Heifer born after 1/9/2010

1st Elite Forever Free
2nd Elite Forever 1
3rd Elite Fidelia
4th Tomriland Fancy

Class 78 Calf male or female born on or after 1st Jan 2011

1st Ardlea Grace
2nd Roundhill Giroflee
3rd Ballinaclare George

Class 79 Bull any age

1st Ballyquirke Frazier

Class Pair of Limousins owned and bred by the same breeder

1st Elite Forever Free, Elite Forever 1
2nd Tomriland Frankie,Tomriland Fuller
3rd Ballyquirke Flicka, Ballyquirke Florin

South East Calf Finals

Class 81 Limousin heifer born on or between 1st sept & 31 st Dec 2010

1st Elite Forever Free
2nd Elite Forever 1
3rd Elite 724
4th Carrefour Felicity

Limousin bull born on or between 1st Sept to 31st Dec 2010

1st Tomriland Frankie
2nd Templequain Foley
3rd Tomriland Fuller
4th Ballyquirke Falcon

Limousin heifer calf born after 1st Jan 2011

1st Ardlea Grace

Limousin bull calf born after 1st Jan 2011

1st Elite Greek
2nd Ballinaclare George

Overall Limousin Champion & Female Champion: Milbrook Ester
Reserve Overall Limousin Champion: Elite Forever Free
Male Champion: Donnelly Fantastic

Results of the young handlers competition

1st Michael Malone
2nd Kieran Byrne
3rd Daniel Smith

The South East club would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support, Morrins Redmills
, van Sheppard Temac, Midland Vetinary Clinic Edenderry

tin11lim 5466

Milbrook Ester

tin11lim 5481

Milbrook Florence

tin11lim 5726

Elite Forever Free - September Heifer Calf Champion

tin11lim 5792

Tomriland Frankie - September Bull Calf Champion

ArdleaGracetin11lim 5852

Ardlea Grace - January Heifer Calf Champion

tin11lim 5513

Elite Greek - January Calf Champion

tin11lim 4968

tin11lim 5620

tin11lim 4611

John Green, judge

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