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The North West Calf Finals were hosted by Swinford Agricultural Show on Saturday 20th August. This annual event which rotates throughout the club area saw a large entry of calves forward. The competition consisted of six classes, three classes of bulls and three classes of heifers, with the six 1st prize winners competing for an Overall Champion. The winner of the Overall Championship being awarded with a new trophy The Michael Dale Perpetual Cup presented by the club in memory of Michael Dale who had been a great stalwart of the North West Club and who had promoted both the breed and the club throughout the province and country along with representing the North West Club at Council level. With 35 calves entered in there was no doubt that breeders were anxious to be the first recipient of such a coveted award.

Judge on the day was Mr Peter Murphy of the  Carrickaldreen Herd, Mullaghbawn, Co Down, a man who had bred two winners and a third place in the All Ireland Bull Derby.

Results of the show :

Pedigree bull over 1 year of age, any breed

1st Casimir

Pedigree Limousin Cow

1st Bloomfield Unity
2nd Redbawn Vision

Pedigree Limousin Heifer
1st Wood Road Elegant

North West Calf Finals

Class 236A Bull calf born between 9th Sept 2010 & 6th Oct 2010

1st Donnelly Fantastic
2nd Clew Bay Fergal
3rd Derrygullinane Fantastic
4th Cloncara Fonzie

Class 236B Bull calf born between 1st  Dec 2010 & 2nd Jan 2011

1st Bovinion Finn
2nd Milan Genesis
3rd Milan
4th Ovaun Fandago

Class 236C Bull calf born between 3rd Jan 2011 & 5th Mar 2011

1st  Donnelly George
2nd Rathlee Garret
3rd Bohomore Gaddaffi
4th Buckfield Gary

Class 236 A Female calf born between 1st Sept 2010 & 14th Oct 2010

1st Derrygullinane Fabulous
2nd Tullinacurra Fushia
3rd Clew Bay Fitz
4th Milan Flambe

237B Heifer calf born between 2nd Nov 2010 & 5th Jan 2011

1st Ovaun Florida
2nd Ovaun Frances
3rd Gerrygullinane Finess
4th Ovaun Georgia

Class 237 Heifer calf born between 11th Feb 2011 & 15 th Apr 2011

1st Cappaduff Goldgirl
2nd Gerrygullinane Gucci
3rd Buckfield Gina
4th Ovaun Grainne

North West Calf Champion: Cappaduff Goldgirl
Reserve North West Calf Champion: Donnelly Fantastic

Overall Limousin Breed Champion: Cappaduff Goldgirl
Reserve Limousin Breed Champion: Casimir

Swinford Show 051

Cappaduff Goldgirl Overall Limousin Champion

Swinford Show 053

Reserve Overall Champion - Casimir

Swinford Show 046

Championship  Line-up

Swinford Show 040

Bovinion Finn

Swinford Show 038

Reserve Champion Calf Donnelly Fantastic

Swinford Show 037

Champion Calf Cappaduff Goldgirl with Pat Bruen, Sean Moroney, Jennifer Moran, Paul Sykes, Peter Murphy, Joe Moran and Noel Barry.

Swinford Show 031

Judge Peter Murphy deliberating

Swinford Show 029

Cappaduff Goldgirl

Swinford Show 026

Ovaun Florida

Swinford Show 023

Calf judging in progress

Swinford Show 019


Swinford Show 016

Donnelly George

Swinford Show 012

Donnelly Fantastic

Swinford Show 010

Wood Road Elegant

Swinford Show 007

Bloomfield Unity

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