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Herds Competition 2010:

The results of the Herds competition in The South West club for 2010 are as follows:

Small herd

  • 1st Sean Ryan     Sliabh Felim
  • 2nd  Pat Sheehan     Drombanny

Medium herd

  • 1st  Sarah McElligot    Shannon
  • 2nd  Brendan and Ann Curtin   Corcamore

Large herd

  • 1st  Timothy, Doreen and Katie Corridan  Roundhill
  • 2nd Sean O’Sullivan    Castleview

Best Bull born in 2009

  • 1st Roundhill Europe 1172   Timothy Corridan
  • 2nd Shannon Eubank     Sarah McElligott
  • 3rd Sliabh Felim Eddie    Sean Ryan
  • 4th  Castleview Easy    Sean O’Sullivan

Best Heifer born in 2009

  • 1st Roundhill Egiroflee 1164    Timothy Corridan
  • 2nd  Roundhill Eleny 1188      Timothy Corridan
  • 3rd Castleview Eclipse    Sean O’Sullivan
  • 4th Shannon Eclipse    Sarah McElligot

Best group of calves born in 2009

  • 1st Castleview     Sean O’Sullivan
  • 2nd Roundhill     Timothy Corridan
  • 3rd Shannon     Sarah McElligot
  • 4th Sliabh Felim     Sean Ryan

We would like to express our thanks to the judge of the competition Mr. William Cowyx and Mr. John McInerney, President of the Society, who presented the prizes.

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