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South West Limousin Club UK Visit and Barbeque

On Wednesday the 18th July 2012, the South Western Limousin Cattle Breeders Club from the UK visited some herds in the South of Ireland. The third herd visited on the day was the Roundhill Herd of Tim and Doreen Corridan of Fedamore, Co. Limerick.

The visit started with Brendan Curtin our club chairman welcoming our UK visitors from the SW club. Doreen then gave a tour of the entire Roundhill herd, which the Corridan family and their excellent support team had in paddocks in close proximity to the farmyard. All attendees were provided with a list of the stock and their relevant details. Doreen walked through each individual group of cattle and described their back breeding, while also answering any questions. The visitors were very impressed with the quality of cattle on display and also with their docility. Many of the young heifers on display will be for sale at Roscrea Mart on Friday September 7th when the Corridans and Sean O’Sullivan of the Castleview herd will be hosting their Genetic Advantage IV Production sale at which 70 heifers will be on offer.

Corridans bull Castleview Darren earned many admirers from the group. This Fieldson Alfy son was bred by Sean O’Sullivan.

Derek Deane outlined the main reasons why his suckler herd is predominately Limousin cross cows — easy calving, calf per cow per year, longevity, ability to house the cows on slats during the winter with no negative impact. He has found that the first cross Limousin cows from the dairy herd are very fertile.

The South West Club hosted a Barbeque for their visiting counterparts. This provided all present with an opportunity to meet and mingle with like minded breeders. Fortunately the rain stayed away for the duration of the visit which made for a very pleasant evening without the need for umbrellas.

Breed Secretary Paul Sykes welcomed the guests to Ireland and thanked the Corridan family for their generosity.

Wiltshire Limousin breeder Harry Parker of the Stourhead herd made a presentation to the Corridan family to thank them for the hospitality shown to the group. Harry is the newly elected representative for the South Western Region.

The club would like to express our gratitude to the Corridan Family, Tim, Doreen and Katie for hosting this event.  We would like to express our appreciation to the cattle team Marie-Louise and Murt Ryan, Daire O’Meara, Donal Moloney and Cathal de Mordha. A special word of thanks to our excellent caterers John O’Connor our club secretary for his outstanding barbequing skills and the finest Limousin steak. The entire Curtin family, Geraldine and Michelle Sheehan and Breda and Sarah McElligott for their organisation, service and excellent food. The de Mordha family from Dingle for their crab claws which were a special treat, ICBF would certainly grant them 5 stars!

Here in the South West club we would like to thank those who travelled from near and far to attend the barbeque, your participation helped to make it all the more enjoyable. The organization of an event such as this would not be possible but for the very kind assistance of the Limousin Office. We are very grateful to Paul, Austin, Marie, Colette and Kathryn for their continual advice and support.

Corridans cows

Corridans cows

Enjoying the Barbeque

Enjoying the barbeque

South Western Cattle Breeders with Katie, Doreen and Paul

South Western Cattle Breeders with Katie Corridan, Doreen Corridan and Paul Sykes

Tim, Katie and Doreen Corridan of the Roundhill Limousin Herd

Tim, Katie and Doreen Corridan of the Roundhill herd.

Walking through Corridans cows

Walking through the cows

Castleview Darren

Castleview Darren

Three amigos - Donal, Daire and Murt

Three amigos - Donal, Daire and Murt

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