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Roundhill & Castleview Pedigree Limousin Heifer Sale - submitted by Doreen Corridan

The sixth genetic advantage sale from Roundhill & Castleview was held in Roscrea mart last Friday evening 16th September. In the Roundhill offering three cow families dominated the sale Giroflee, Unanime and Melodie. 



Roundhill IUnanime 1440

Roundhill IUnanime 1440

Giroflee the dam of Nenuphar was imported from France as a mature cow has left her mark on the Roundhill herd, being one of the corner stone cows with a large number of retained females.  Roundhill EGiroflee 1164 Lot 54 a seven year old proven cow with her Roundhill Hamlet heifer calf was knocked down to Procter Farms, Lancashire, UK for €19,500. A Mas du Clo from a Lino daughter of Giroflee, she was the Junior champion in Tullamore in 2011 and the Senior cow in 2015.

Roundhill E Giroflee 1164

Roundhill E Giroflee 1164

Her daughter Lot 18 Roundhill JGiroflee 1532 a 23 month old heifer sired by Elite Forever Brill got the ring going before being knocked down to Michael McNally from Cookstown, Co Tyrone for €16,000. A yearling Ampertaine commander daughter Lot 58, 5 star replacement heifer from the same family was sold for €3,500.

The seven month old much admired Lot 33 Roundhill LUnanime 1656 was sold to Bobby O Connell from Clarina for €10,000, Bobby intends to show her next year. She is one of first calves of Elite Icecream and sure was the ‘girl with everything going for her’ she had class, shape, correctness, pedigree and presence. Her dam Roundhill IUnanime was Junior All Ireland heifer in 2014 and her maternal sister Gaite topped the 2012 sale at €10, 600.

Lot 23 Roundhill JUnanime 1545 a full sister to the dam of Lot 33 sold to Jamie Lynch for €6,000. 

Lot 78 Roundhill KUnanime 1643 a 10 month old 5 star daughter of Roundhill Hamlet from the family with superb width and growth was knocked down to Harte Peat Ltd, Co. Monaghan for €6,100. A polled Hinz daughter of Unanime sold for €3,700 to Thomas White.

Roundhill GMelodie 1336 the reserve Junior heifer in Tullamore in 2012 an Attirant daughter from Melodie a RRE qualified cow the mother of Ramses was represented by two superb daughters.

Roundhill GMelodie 1336

Roundhill GMelodie 1336

Lot 3 an Ampertaine Commander daughter, 5 star replacement index calving in November to Ivoire sold for €5,100 to Peadar Clinton and her maternal sister Lot 51 a Castleview Darren daughter sold for €5,000 to Neil Martin.

castleview darren2

Castleview Darren

A Vivaldi incalf heifer Lot 10 Roundhill INescote 1481 from a Malibu dam with a 5 star replacement and terminal index calving in January sold for €4,700 to Geraldine Collins. 

Roundhill has a 66% clearance and averaged €4,630 for 30 females.

Castleview Lauren the leading price for the Castleview offering at €3,500, a full sister to Castleview Gazelle ZAG in NCBC was purchased by the Limousin and Belgian blue breeder Melvin Masterson from Wexford. 

Two Bavardage sired heifers Lot 26 and 44 sold for €3,400, Lot 26 from the maternal sister to ZAG also went to Wexford to Trevor Masterson while Philip O Sullivan purchased Lot 44. Harte Peat Ltd purchased.

Lot 80 Castleview Karrie a Ronick hawk daughter from a full sister to Castleview Versace an exceptional breeding cow at Netherhall. Lot 7 a Wilodge Tonka daughter sold for €3,200 to Niall Jones. Three Ampertaine Commander Daughters Lots 2, 38 & 14 sold for €3,100 to Michael O Neill and Walter Wall. 

Castleview had a 95% clearance and sold 29 heifers to average €2,500.


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