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Loop head is well known to listeners of Radio 1 as it is one of the locations for daily weather forecasts. Loop head is also home to an exceptionally high quality suckler herd owned by Patrick Haugh, Kilclogher, Kilrush, Clare. Patrick farms 150 acres owned and 85 rented. The herd comprises of 125 cows, with half calving in Autumn and the other half in Spring. The herd is also dominated by Limousin blood, mainly bred but with a few Limousin x Belgian Blue. The objective on the farm is very clear – to produce quality weanlings with very good shape. Replacement heifers are mainly sourced in Ennis mart but distance is no object for the “right one”.

Clare breeder Declan Griffin with Patrick Haugh

When asked “Why Limousin” Pats reply is “As suckler cows they meet all the requirements - good calvers due to a good pelvic opening, plenty of milk, longevity and have a good cull value, what else could you ask for”. Pat is anxious to maintain milk in the herd and will be looking to new genetics to provide it. Two sires he feels that have done this up to now for him are Hortensia and Malibu.

Along with running Limousin bulls Pat also keeps two Belgian Blues, he finds Limousin cows good to calf to any sire. It is very seldom that I have a caesarean section but when I do, the  Limousin cows recover very quickly and that is probably why they are in such demand for recipients in embryo transfer work.

A quick look at the map and you will see that Loop Head is very exposed to the Atlantic Ocean.  This means that cows are housed early with a late turn-out. Pat has good housing facilities with the cows on slats and the calves having the choice of an indoor and outdoor woodchip pad. Straw usage is kept to a minimum due to the high cost with the long distance to the grain fields in the midlands being the contributing factor. Pat also has a strong emphasis on hygiene, especially in regards to calving and calf rearing.

Limousin commerical cows

Commerical  Limousin cows on the farm of Patrick Haugh


One of the bulls Pat has been using is Moloskey Showman, a Gamin son, purchased from local breeder Brendan Clancy. Recently a second Limousin bull – Doonbeg Champ (by Mas du Clo) was purchased from another local breeder Declan Griffin . According to Pat, both bulls were not bought cheap but they are exactly what he is looking for with loads of muscle to transmit to their progeny.

Weanlings are mainly sold in Ennis mart and some of the prices obtained are a true testimony to the quality of Pats stock with a recent batch of 6 weanlings weighing 450 kgs realising €1,560 a piece and a single heifer weighing 375 kgs realising €1,800. To cap off a successful 2008, Pat also attended the Winter fatstock show and sale in Kilkenny where he scooped the top price of €3,850 for a weanling heifer.

Pat is firmly committed to Limousin and is quick to praise their role on his farm on the job they do, in particular as an easy care suckler dam. Going forward he is always going to look for quality in his cows but will be also conscious of their milk ability.

Finally Pat is well aware of the uncertain future that farming holds however he is firmly resolute that its all about being profitable. “Dead Calves Don’t Pay” and to be profitable you must produce a live quality calf each year and that’s why he has invested in Limousin.

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