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Oldcastle show in county Meath was the venue for the 2010 North East Calf Finals on Sunday 26th September. The judge for this event was Ian Nimmo owner of the Maraiscote herd  in North Lanarkshire. Mr Nimmo  a  successful  breeder in both the  show and sales ring is the owner of the Highland show winning sire Virginia Andy,  a bull that he who had  purchased from local breeder Leo McEnroe.

Amid splendid autumn sunshine the judging started with the open classes

First class Limousin cow with calf at foot or Senior heifer born before 1/9/08 taking the top spot in this class was Millbrook Celine from William Smith with Crawford Bros in second place with Sarkley Bikita.

Next class heifer born on or between 1/9/08 and 1/9/09  saw Millbook    being placed first with Newtown Emma from Stanley Richardson in second place and third going to Raymond Crawford.

In the male class John Connell’s Bremore Domino took the 1st position.

The North East Calf Finals then took place with bull calf class born between 1/9/09 and 31/12/09 being won by Philip Crowe with Powerful 2077, 2nd going to Ballinascraw   from John Lynch and 3rd Aughalion Eamon

The heifer calf class born between 1/9/09 and 31/12/09 saw Stanley Richardson’s Newtown Easygirl in first place, 2nd going to Raymond Crawford with Rathkeeland Elizabeth and Stanley Richardson 3rd with Newtown Emma.

Bull calf born in 2010 was won by William Smith’s Millbrook Figo , 2nd being McGuiness Bros with Cloverhill Feinando and 3rd Connell Bros Carrickmore Fabregas

The final calf class, heifer born in 2010 saw once again the Milbrook herd taking 1st with Millbrook Florence, 2nd Raymond Crawford’s Rathkeeland Friday and 3rd Stanley Richardson with Newtown Fruity.

In the overall Championship the judge had an excellent line up of quality cattle and after some deliberation tapped forward his Champion Milbrook Celine to add another title to her long list of achievments, Reserve Champion went to Sarley Bikita another multiple prize winner.

The North East YMA event saw a group of very enthusiastic young members partake in their event displaying qualities of handling and judging that will no doubt lead them to be very successful in future years. Indeed the standard in this competition was very close with the results placing Declan McHugh and Sean Bird in joint 1st place and Eleanor Reilly, Keith Connell and  John Smith sharing 2nd place. The YMA event was very entertaining and entertained a large audience which included MEP Mairead Mc Guiness who commented on the skills of all these young members.

Mr Nimmo commented on the quality of the animals that were presented before him and the efficient manner in which the show was organised.              



oldcastle10lim 5378

Milbrook Celine - Overall Champion

oldcastle10lim 5291

Bremore Domino

oldcastle10lim 5735

Milbrook Figo

oldcastle10lim 5048

Milbrook Enya

oldcastle10 4424

oldcastle10 4664

oldcastle10 4704

oldcastle10 4777

oldcastle10 5082

oldcastle10 5094

oldcastle10lim 5011

Milbrook Florence - Calf Champion

oldcastle10lim 5003

Powerful 2007

oldcastle10lim 4944

Newtwn Easy Girl

oldcastle10lim 5237


oldcastle10 4633

oldcastle10 4687

oldcastle10 4720

oldcastle10 5066

oldcastle10 5128

oldcastle10 5121

oldcastle10 5161

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