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There is a view, that there has been a loss of focus in suckling and beef breeding. The basic requirement of any business or enterprise is to generate profit. Has the focus been too much on the top animal, the top price, the super cow and calf, the show weanling, and high indices but with low reliability, instead of the more mundane but critically important profit generators. These include

  • Output per acre
  • Calves per cow per year and per lifetime
  • Annual cost of keeping the cow
  • Inputs / cost required per kg of liveweight
  • The average price
  • Output per labour unit
  • Profit

This is what is meant by going back to basics instead of aspirational farming. The most profitable and effective beef and suckler farming systems in Ireland have been based on performance relative to inputs and cost. The cow and sire combination that produces this “to dream for muscled” calf but has no milk and brings with it high vet and meal bills and then wont go back in calf will not deliver long term profitability.

Limousin is the complete breed that will deliver again and again.

Feed Efficiency :

Feed efficiency is a measure of the feed required to produce 1 kg of liveweight gain, it is relevant to the cost of beef finishing, store/weanling rearing and to the cost of maintaining the cow. Limousin delivers high feed efficiency, less feed is required per kg of output. The profit implication can be significant especially today with ration costing up to and over 30 cent per kg.

Kill Out and Carcase Quality :

Limousin has long been synonymous with carcase quality and excellent kill outs. Limousin is a consistent performer in producing weight and grade. Limousin, with good management, will consistently produce carcasses that will return a price premium on the Quality based Pricing Grid.

Market Flexibility :

Limousin will suit all markets resulting in higher average herd prices. Muscle, Weight Gain, Shape and Kill Out make them attractive to the full spectrum of buyers, weanling exporter, beef finisher, and factory. Focusing on one outlet is both restrictive and risky. In addition to beef Limousin offers significant opportunities to market replacement heifers.

Thrive :

Limousin delivers Thrive, independent test results prove thrive and weight gain.

Calving Ease :

Limousin delivers Easy Calving. This results in less labour, less vet bills, more reared calves and healthier cows. Part time farming is still very important and full time farmers are also busy individuals so the ability of a cow to calve herself must be a priority.

Calves per Cow :

Limousin are easy care, fertile and durable. They have the ability to produce and rear a good quality calf every year for many years. Lifetime comparisons have shown significant output value and profitability gains

Longevity :

Limousin cows and bulls are long lasting and even at the end deliver high cull values.

Milk :

Milk is important to deliver weanling weight, also mothers milk is the cheapest and best feed source to the calf. A cow will eat the same whether or not it has the ability to produce milk. If you are to achieve weight, without pumping in high levels of meal, you need milk. Limousin will give you milk.

Udders :

Limousin delivers the dream tidy udder with calf friendly teats, these udders last year after year.

Herd Health :

Limousin is leading the way in developing a Herd Health initiative. Farmers can no longer take the risk of buying in animals of unknown health status.

Genomics :

Again Limousin is leading the way which will keep the breed at the forefront of genetic advancement.

LIMOUSIN will deliver PROFIT to your farm through

    • Feed Efficiency
    • Carcase Quality and Kill Out
    • Market Flexibility
    • Thrive
    • Ease of Calving
    • Milk
    • Calves per Cow
    • Longevity
    • Cull Value
    • Alive, Healthy, Thriving Stock



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