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The Irish YMA team had a successful visit to Moira on Saturday the 17th of September . The team of Marie Louise Ryan, Kevin Graham, Declan McHugh and Andrew McInerney performed exceptionally well and finished a very creditable 2nd out of the five competing teams. Indeed the Irish team were leading after the Judging category and still held the lead entering the final calf showing section. However a very strong English team won the showing section and pipped the Irish team for the overall award.

The team was selected earlier in the year at Mohill show and were prepared for the competition by Richard O Beirne and Anne Marie Hourigan. This annual competition is designed to promote judging and cattle showing among YMA members between 12 and 25 years old. It comprises of three sections, Cattle judging, giving reasons to the master judge and showing a calf in the showing ring. Last year the competition was extended to include Scotland and Wales joining Ireland Northern Ireland and England and making it a five team competition. However this year the welsh team were short and were joined by Andrew McInerney and Rebecca Adams. They went under the title of the Barbarians in the competition.

The event was held in conjunction with the Calf Spectacular where the Northern Ireland breeders had their calf championships for pedigree and commercial limousin cattle. Sam Coleman president of the British Limousin Cattle society was the master judge on the day.

The organising committee of Heather Hume, Brian McElroy and Kim Steele Nicholson were very efficient and provided great hospitality and a well organised event for the visiting teams. The Irish team and supporters had a very enjoyable visit to Moira and are looking forward to 2012 where they will endeavour to go one step better.

Team Results

1st          England                (Jess Simms, Kirree Kermode,Thomas Kermode)
2nd         S Ireland               (Marie Louise Ryan, Kevin Graham, Declan McHugh)
3rd          Scotland               (Sophie Harvey, Amy Lindsay, Stephanie Dick)
4th          The Barbarians    (Rob Coney, Rebecca Adams, Andrew McInerney
5th          N Ireland               (William McElroy, Adam McGookin, Marcus Berry)

Individual Results

1st          Kirree Kermode
2nd         William McElroy
3rd         Jess Simms
4th         Marie Louise Ryan



The Irish Limousin YMA is open to all interested in Limousin cattle aged between 12 and 25 years. Application forms are available from the society office at 025-85036 or from:

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