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ILC Farm Visit to the Roundhill Limousin Herd

Last Thursday 25th of August all roads for beef herdowners led to Fedamore in County Limerick to visit the Roundhill Pedigree Limousin Herd.  Established in 1996, this family owned farm is run by Timothy, Doreen and Katie Corridan with the assistance of George Doyle.  Doreen also works off farm and Katie is a student in UCC.

Entire 180 head pedigree herd displayed with their ancestry and Eurostar values.

As you approached the farm you were met with a vista of Limousin cattle content in the sunshine. The entire herd was divided into seven paddocks with the ID number clearly identifiable on each rump.  The ancestry and Eurostar values of each animal were available in a comprehensive handout. At the gate you were greeted with two south west club members from Dingle, Micheal O Suilleabhan  and Padraic O Cinneada who had the ‘céad míle fáilte’ for everyone and the ‘slán’’ on the way out. The young Curtin sisters distributed and explained the handouts, both are members of the YMA winning team.  In each paddock visitors enjoyed walking through and viewing the cattle at their leisure while studying their eurostars and pedigrees. The docility and quality of the Limousins was remarkable and testament to the breeding programme at Roundhill which entails over 95% A.I. and an annual embryo transfer programme.   Doreen explained that ‘at Roundhill, the main goal is the production of profitable cattle; fertile, milky cows that produce one calf every 365 days and consistently breed high performance, U grade docile cattle’. 


At Roundhill a scientific approach to breed progression using a high degree of performance recording is adopted.  The entire herd is genomically tested, cattle at Roundhill have been linear scored and weight recorded annually since its establishment in 1996.  All calving difficulties are recorded and all calves are weighed at birth.  The milkability of the cows was evident on the day as was their functionality with many not looking their age of 13 & 14 years.  Roundhill is a member of the ICBF data accreditation programme and the Gene Ireland Maternal programme.



At the ICBF stand Pat Donnellan and Chris Daly demonstrated to the breeders from home and abroad how ICBF integrate the French and the UK index into the ICBF database. Unanime, a 13 year-old imported French qualified RRE cow with an IVMAT index of 112 in France has a replacement index in Ireland of €160 and a terminal index of €187, putting her in the top 1% of the breed.  Her son, James Bond, sired by Glorieux XGL, has been retained as a stock sire.  Pat Donnellan had three high-index cows from Roundhill sired by UK bulls; Goldies Terence and Goldies Uppercrust, in a pen to demonstrate how ICBF converted their UK index to the Eurostars used in Ireland.  .

Pat Donnellan also explained the Eurostar values and suckler cow reports of two Goldies Terence daughters, Roundhill ENora 1182 and Fleny 1263 who rank in the top 20 cows of the Limousin breed on Replacement index in Ireland. The ICBF system was the envy of the foreign delegates who were amazed at the integrated system and the level of genomic testing carried out in Ireland. Pat enjoyed telling the audience that cows were now being flushed on the basis of their replacement index, as Doreen explained that ENora 1182 was flushed due to her balance in replacement and terminal traits and the quality of her progeny to date.  ENora 1182 was flushed last year to the maternal bull Vermeil and this year pregnancies are due from Bavardage.

Herd Health XLVets & MSD

Roundhill’s policy is to produce cattle with high genetic merit and a high health status.  Doreen gave details of the stringent herd health programme implemented at Roundhill to ensure that the highest possible health status is maintained in the herd. 

Roundhill is a member of SAC’s Premium Cattle Health Scheme (PCHS) and is accredited free of Johnes level 1 since 2009.  The herd has achieved ‘BVD Negative Health Status BHS’ with the Irish national BVD eradication programme. Cattle are vaccinated annually for BVD, Leptospirosis, IBR marker vaccine, Salmonella, and for Clostridial disease in the young stock.  

XLVets represented by Donal Lynch, Donal & Edwin Murphy, did a number of demonstrations on bull fertility, calf and herd health.  Donal Lynch’s presentation on shed ventilation was met with great interest.   These sessions attracted a lot of attention as did MSD’s presentation on respiratory disease prevention.

Inginera, a Swiss innovation company, demonstrated how technology can give the full 3D dimensions of an animal and also calculate its weight.  This technology has the potential to revolutionise the weighing and scoring programmes in Ireland.  Prof. Andrea Biondi demonstrated his technology to a packed audience on the perfect lines of Roundhill JGiroflee 1532 who seemed to enjoy being on the catwalk all day.  Inginera’s stand was full between demonstrations where Andrea explained the technology.

Polled Programme

In 2014, the Roundhill herd took a new direction by becoming one of the first herds in Ireland to undertake a polled programme on a large scale. 

The biggest group of polled Limousin cattle ever viewed in the British Isles was on display at the open day.  Herdowners were well impressed with the standard of a group of heterozygous males and females.  Many commented that they could not distinguish between the horned and polled animals on quality.  A well-muscled polled bull, Roundhill Lady’s Man was a big attraction. 

Some polled females will be offered for sale at the Roundhill biennial sale in September. 

National Show

The Roundhill breeding programme was also evident at the National Show at Cillin Hill on Friday and Saturday.  Baileys Iceprincess, a daughter of Roundhill VJoyeuse 820, was crowned Overall Champion of the show.  

The success continued on Saturday when some of the YMA members from Roundhill’s South West club were part of the winning team at the Anglo-Irish YMA final.  Roundhill is an active member of its local South West Club, and hosts their YMA event each year. Doreen coaches the YMA team who have won the national title for the past three years. 

Roundhill LUnanime 1656 a February born heifer calf stole the show at the open day for the show-spotters thinking about the 2017 show season and beyond.

International Visitors

As well as enjoying the cattle on display and the demonstrations there was a fantastic carnival atmosphere at the open day with National and International Limousin enthusiasts meeting old and new friends.  A superb meal was served by Tommy Relihan of Adare Farm. Delegates also enjoyed the best of wine and were entertained by the Irish traditional music champions, the Lenihan Family from Millstreet,  Co. Cork.

This was a great, social, informative and enjoyable day for anyone interested in the Limousin breed. 

Thanking all who made it possible.

As the night drew to a close the ILC chairman Aled Edwards, Bernard Roux from the French herdbook, the Argentian Herdbook, Beppe Pantaleoni of KBS and Paul Sykes of the Irish Limousin Society made presentations to the Corridan Family for hosting such a wonderful event.

The Corridans thanked all those who helped make the day the success that it was and acknowledged that the day would not have been possible without them.

View more images from the Roundhill herd visit here >>>

Biennial Female Sale

In conjunction with the Castleview Herd, Roundhill will shortly hold its biennial heifer sale. Many foundation females as well as many show champions have been sold at previous sales.  The next sale will be on Friday 16th September @ 7pm 2016, in Roscrea Mart. Click here to view catalogue >>>

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