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Irish Farmers Journal Heifers Competition

Paul Hudson winner with Paul Sykes ILCS and Freddie Valette

Last year I entered the Irish Farmers Journal Heifer Competition.There were two methods of entering one was by writing a letter of no more than 600 words on various topic set by the Farmers Journal. The topics were if you were the minister of agriculture what would you do for young farmers, what can the Farmers Journal do for young farmers and why should you win one of the heifers. The second method of entering was to have a blog on the Farmer’s Journal heifer competition website. A blog is online diary for all of you that don’t know what that is; I tried to go on the blog everyday.

But some days I was just too busy. My blogs usually consisted of what I had did that day on the farm or what was planned for tomorrow, or about a show I had visited. The first time I had seen the heifer was the Tullamore show; it was the thing I was most looking forward to of the day I didn’t see the heifers again till the Ploughing Match. The closing date for the competition was set for the 1st September and the Farmer’s Journal was going to notify us on the 12th September whether we were one of the finalists.

I remember the day as if it was yesterday that I got the call to say I was one of the eighteen finalists.We were out drawing in bales of straw.The man on the phone asked me would I be able to attend the ploughing match on the Wednesday, I didn’t have to think twice, I told him I would be there. As the day approached, I was worrying about what I would be asked in the interviews and what sort of question I would be asked and whether or not I would be able to answer them or not. On the Wednesday at the Farmers Journal stand we had to go through nine interviews, an interview from each breed society which had sponsored a heifer and a Michael Doran from the IFA. The interviews were not as bad as I thought they were going to be.

After the interview we had an anxious hour of a wait before the results were announced. When the results were in we all brought back up on stage and the results were read. I remember the exact words that Justin McCarthy said before he called out my name. He said that we were going back to the east to Philip Hudson. I was the second last name to be announced so the nerves were really starting to get at me at this stage. The next step after the eight winners were announced was to pull the breed of the heifer we were going to take home out of the hat. I was the fourth/ fifth person to pull a heifer out of the hat, as you probably can guess I pulled out the Limousin heifer. I brought the heifer home after the ploughing match was over. She settled in very well and was housed at the end of October. She has grown into a big heifer and she will be 24 months again she is going in calf. I plan to put her in calf in May or June to Ionesco (ION), Rutugba (RUA) or Highlander (HGR).The heifer has a lot of maternal breeding in her. She is a Malibu out of an Epson dam. I would like to thank Freddie Vallette, the Limousin Society and the Farmers Journal for their hospitality and making such a great opportunity available to me.



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