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100 % Clearance at Roundhill & Castleview Limousin Sale with a Lead Price of €10,600

Limousin use and registrations are on the increase and once again strong demand was evident at a Limousin Sale.

Continuing the demand for top class pedigree Limousin heifers, the fourth bi-annual sale from Roundhill and Castleview herds was a clean sweep. The quality bar was once again raised with a steady trade for the 66 lots on offer, with an average of €3,375 and a 100 % clearance rate.  This confirmed the winning combination of superior genetics, well-established herds, and a high herd health status.  A large number of diverse pedigrees was on offer with the majority of females having 3-4 generations of proven AI sires. This year's sale also included the entire female selection from the Baltracey Herd owned by Mr. Frank Daly. Good value was definitely available in all price ranges with quality breeding females  going from €1,600 to €10,600.

Full Sales Ring

A big crowd was in attendance which included prominent Irish breeders and also breeders from Northern Ireland and the UK. Also present were a number of new breeders. On view was a great selection of breeding stock all of whom were very well presented.

The Roundhill and Castleview herds have high health status with both herds accredited for BVD and Johnes.

The young French girl, Lot 50 Gaite got the ringside going, topping the sale at €10,600. Gaite, an August 2011 born heifer, was imported with her mother Unanime a RRE qualified cow from  France in 2011. Gaite oozed style and class, combining extreme shape and correctness. She was knocked down to David and Maggie Kelly of the Netherhall herd, Cumbria, UK.

Lot 50

Lot 50, Gaite sold for €10,600 to Netherhall herd, UK

Netherhall also secured lot 22 Roundhill Giroflee 1301 for €8,000, a Mas Du Clo daughter out of Roundhill Vache; one of the best breeding cows in the Roudhill herd. Giroflee mirrored her full sister Roundhill E-Giroflee 1164 (Junior Champion Tullamore 2010) by winning numerous shows as a calf. This show heifer had the complete package showcasing width, style, shape and pedigree.

€8,000 was also achieved for Lot 25 Baltracey Gypsy a stylish and square heifer with superb temperament stamped by her profilic sire Attirant. Gypsy was sold to D B Davies Wales who went on to purchase a further three daughters of Attirant. This was the first offering of progeny from Attirant progeny in Ireland, Attirant is stamping his progeny with his trademark width and square plates as well as shape and length. Having been were much admired on the night, five daughters averaged €3,900 at 12 months of age. Lot 63 Roundhill G Nescote B 1335 sold for €3,200, Lot 54 Roundhill G Nescote B 1313 and Lot 57 Roundhill G Andrea 1324  made €3,000.

An outstanding incalf Vantastic daughter Lot 8 Castleview Fauvette, from the consistently successful G7 family reached €6,400. G7 is the mother of CWI standing in Dovea and the grandmother of another outstanding Vantastic son sold to NCBC recently, Castleview Gringo. Proving the popularity of the G7 family,  Lot 41 Castleview Gayle, a Mas Du Clo X Ferry  from G7 sold for €4,200. Her full sister one of the stars of the previous sales,  Caslteview Versace whose progeny have grossed 40,000 in the UK. Lot 28 another grand daughter from G7 Castleview Gemma, a prizewinner at the summer shows sold for €4,000.

A Haltcliffe Vermount daughter Lot 20 Baltracey Granagh sold for €7,000, she is from Softlaw Irene family, the same family as Dinmore Fabulous who sold at the recent Dinmore sale for 36,000.

Lot 20 long deep heifer with good pedigree

Lot 20 long deep heifer with good pedigree

Vermeil daughters impressed on the night, an imported French sire injecting milk. Lot 1 Roundhill F-Dalida 1254, a Vermeil from a Nelson dam was knocked down to Mr Glen Devlin for €6,000 for his Glenisle herd. Lot 27 Roundhill F-Joconde 1250 another Vermeil daughter out of an Imperial cow reached €4,200 and joins the herd of Michael Fennessy, Co Waterford and was closely followed by her paternal sister Lot 17 Roundhill F-Joyeuse 1240 out of an Otan cow who sold for €4,000 to Anthony Brennan, Co. Monaghan.

A Panda daughter Lot 11 Roundhill F Natte 1216 fetched €5,300, her dam is a French imported cow Natte RRE.

Lot 55 Roundhill G Fifi a September 2011 born Ideal 23 heifer from Donal Moloney’s imported Paris Champion Raquette, sold for €4,600 to Chris Kennedy Co. Carlow. 

The first entry from the Baltracey Herd was lot 5 Knocknagree Tesse, a Dauphin daughter with a superb Fieldson Alfy May born heifer calf. Tesse, a powerful 10 year old cow with good legs and udder, has bred bulls to €5,000.  She herself fetched €5,000 to Donal Kavanagh, Co. Wicklow.

Castleview were back in again at €4,100 with Lot 13 a Ronick Hawk daughter from the Roundhill Leny family, she  was purchased by Jason Fitzgerald Co. Cork.

A Feburary 2012 born heifer lot 59 Roundhill H-Kate out of Roundhill's stock bull, Castleview Darren achieved €3,900. This young, extremely stylish and correct heifer is heading to Wales . Castleview Darren a superb Fieldson Alfy son is proving to be a very consistent breeder for the Roundhill herd .

The accreditation of both the Castleview and Roundhill herds for Johnes and that the cattle tested free from BVD certainly appealed to customers with many repeat customers from the previous three sales and a high number, twenty one females exported to Northern Ireland and UK.

The momentum was steadily maintained throughout the evening at the packed Roscrea ringside of both pedigree and commercial breeders, with George Chandler in full flow, achieving 100% clearance, averaging €3,375 with a range from €1,600 to €10,600.

Tim and Doreen Corridan, Sean O’Sullivan and Frank Daly would like to wish all customers the very best of luck with their purchases.

Lot 15 sold for 3200

Lot 15 sold for 3200

Lot 34 by Acajou sold for 3500

Lot 34 by Acajou sold for 3500

Lot 37 sold for 2900

Lot 37 sold for 2900

Lot 38 by Tistou sold for 2100

Lot 38 by Tistou sold for 2100

Lot 41 sold to Wales at 4200

Lot 41 sold to Wales at 4200

Lot 59 prizewinning calf

Lot 59 prizewinning calf

Lots 61, 62 and 64

Lots 61, 62 and 64

Lots 65 and 66 two calves by Ramses sold at 1600

Lots 65 and 66 two calves by Ramses sold at 1600

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