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2012 All Ireland Derby Shield goes South

Elphin Agricultural Show hosted the All Ireland Limousin Derby on Saturday the first of September. The Derby is a cross border initiative between the Irish Limousin Cattle Society and the Northern Ireland Limousin Club. The competition is confined to exhibitor bred bulls and heifers, with two bull and two heifer classes. Points are awarded for the top six places in each class with the Challenge Shield going to the team with the highest number of points. This years Derby saw an excellent entry of sixty cattle with the Challenge Shield going to Irish Limousin.

Irish Limousin take All Ireland Derby Challange Shield

Elphin proved to be an excellent venue with the day staying dry although ground conditions were difficult, the cattle were penned in the mart area which worked very well. Between all breeds there was a big show of cattle with Limouin leading the way.

First into the show ring were the Elphin Show local Limousin classes where William Smith, Donie McKeown, James Houlihan and Michael Philips picked up winning rosettes. Milbrook Ester and William Smith went on to take the Elphin Show Champion.

A large crowd had assembled for the prestigious Derby event and to witness the exceptional quality on display from both sides of the border.

Judge for the day was Ms. Vicki Smith from the Columbpark Herd in Devon. Also on hand were representatives from our generous sponsors including Stuart Wilson from Teemore Engineering, Michael Gibbons from Natural Nutrition and Michael Philips from Connacht Gold

derby 7807

Northern Ireland and Irish Limousin members along with the judge Mrs. Vicky Smith and the All Ireland Derby Shield

derby 7824

Austin Finn ILCS making a presentation to the judge Mrs. Vicky Smith

The first Derby class was for bulls born between first January 2011 and 31st July 2011. There was some very stiff competition in this class and an exceptionally strong Northern Ireland entry. After some deliberation the judge opted for Berry Brothers Banville Gladiator by their Milbrook Tanko stock bull Beech Lodge Chancellor, with second going to Derek Frew’s Frewstown Gifted.

The next class was for bulls born on or after the first of August 2011, here southern Ireland bulls were more in prominence with a ding dong battle between Frank Buckley and John Kenny aka Tullamore. This time Frank Buckley’s Mistic Gucci came out on top and John Kenny’s Carefour General second. Both bulls are by Wilodge Cerebrus. Third was John McInerney’s Sympa son Drummin Guinness.

The Challenge Shield points were quite close after the bulls and the large crowd were more than impressed.

The third class was for heifers born between the first of June 2010 and the 30th of June 2011. Again a quality class with strong entries from both teams. Another difficult call for the judge given the quality on view. Milbrook Gingerspice, no stranger to success, exhibited by William Smith got the nod ahead of Henry Savage’s Trueman Grazia, with Edward Tynan’s Elite Forever Free third.

Derby Champion Heifer Milbrook Gingerspice

The final class, heifers born after the first of July 2011, again oozed with quality. Edward Tynan lead the way taking first with Elite Giselle by Wilodge Vantastc and second with Elite Galway by Emerson. Drummin Genevieve by Cloughead Umpire exhibited by John McInerney came third.

When all the points were tallied the Challenge Shield went to the Irish Limousin team.

Overall female champion went to William Smith and Milbrook Gingerspice, with overall champion male going to Berry Brother’s Banville Gladiator.

Judge Vicki Smith commented on the outstanding standard of cattle and thanked all the exhibitors.

Irish Limousin Society secretary Paul Sykes on receiving the shield said it was an honour for Irish Limousin to win this prestigious competition. He thanked the exhibitors, the stewards, Elphin Show and the Department of Agriculture for facilitating such an event.

Full 2012 Derby Results

Class 1  Bulls Born between 1st January 2011 and 31st July 2011

Sponsor Teemore Engineering

First  Berry Brothers  Banville Gladiator UK927004782267    17/05/2011 Beech Lodge Chancellor Banville Elsie

Second  Derek Frew Frewstown Gifted UK912335607051 26/06/2011   Carmorn Catona Frewstown U-girl

Third  Dan Tynan Ardlea General IE221064551029 22/03/2011   Fieldsons Alfy  Ardlea Coillte

Fourth  Derek Frew Frewstown Glory UK912335606977 20/06/2011   Carmorn Catona Frewstown Valet

Fifth  Michael Loughran Cookstown Millgate Garry UK963000123821 26/07/2011 Norman Ely Millgate Donna

Sixth  Michael Loughran Cookstown Millgate Gucci     UK963000123773 09/06/2011 Sympa Millgate Cherry

derby 6993

Berry brothers with 1st prize bull Banville Gladiator and sponsor Teemore Engineering

derby 7013

Derek Frew with 2nd prize bull Frewstown Gifted and sponsor Teemore Engineering

Class 2  Bulls Born on or after the 1st of August 2011

Sponsor Natural Nutrition

First  Frank Buckley Mistic Gucci IE151602080378 01/09/2011   Wilodge Cerebrus Bremore Victoria

Second  John Kenny Carefour General IE301447550154 05/09/2011   Wilodge Cerebrus Carrefour Daphane

Third  John Mc Inerney Drummin Guinness Et  IE131206380965   21/09/2011 Sympa Drummin Cliona

Fourth  Stanley Richardson Newtown Grant Et IE231230690509    10/08/2011 Ampertine Abracadabra Newtown Clodagh

Fifth  Michael Molloy Mullary Giovanni IE261020880042    01/08/2011 Ultime Mullary chantelle

Sixth  Gerry Walsh Gerrygulliane Glen IE272503020029 18/12/2011   Machermore Augusta Derryguillane Daisy

derby 7467

The Buckley family with 1st prize bull Mistic Gucci and sponsor Michael Gibbons Natural Nutrition

Class 3  Heifers Born between 1st June 2010 and 30th June 2011

Sponsor Connacht Gold

First  William Smith Milbrook Gingerspice  IE281084520923   16/01/2011 Wilodge Vantastic Milbrook Baby

Second  Henry Savage & Sons Trueman Grazia UK92403065563   01/04/2011 Haltcliffe Vermount Cookstown B1425

Third  Ed Tynan Elite Forever free IE221062760719 22/09/2010   Wilodge Vantastic Ardlea Coillte

Fourth  Ed Tynan Elite Forever 1    IE221062750718 21/09/2010 Wilodge  Vantastic Ardlea coillte

Fifth  Raymond Crawford Rathkeeland Fleur IE291694550012    20/06/2010 Sauvignon Ballydaniel Adeline

Sixth  Joe Moran Cappaduff Gold Girl IE271419780084 17/02/2011   Rocky Cappaduff Abby

derbby 7619

Mark Smith with 1st Prize heifer Milbrook Ginger spice and sponsor John Coleman, Connaught Gold Feedmills


2nd prize heifer Truemans Grazia with Benedict Savage and sponsors Michael Philips & John Coleman Connaught Gold Mills

Class 4 Heifers Born on or after the 1st of July 2011

Sponsor Connacht Gold

First  Ed Tynan Elite Giselle Et IE221062750742 01/09/2011 Wilodge Vantastic Uriel B

Second  Ed Tynan Elite Galway Et IE221062780745 03/09/2011   Emerson Bremore Cindy

Third  John Mc Inerney Drummin Genevieve Et IE131206390966   21/09/2011 Cloughhead Umpire Drummin Cliona

Fourth  Raymond Crawford Erne Golden Girl UK948413907373 16/12/2011 Sauvignon Lake Tamaria

Fifth  William Smith Milbrook Girly IE281084580961 08/09/2011 Ionesco Milbrook Evelyn

Sixth  Albert Finney    Chinauley Gloria UK927029605903 01/11/2011 Tehix Limo Ella

derby 7904

1st prizewinner Elite Giselle show by Keith Murphy with sponsors Michael Philips & John Coleman Connaught Gold Mills

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