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Large turnout at Cork Limousin Club commercial field evening

Despite the inclement weather a large crowd attended the commercially focussed open evening hosted by the O’Regan family in Skibereen in conjunction with Cork Limousin Club on Friday July 9th. From the many favourable comments received it was clear that few were disappointed with the quality of stock on display and information shared on the night. 

Over 200 commercial beef farmers attended the event. Nora and Michael (Mikey) O’Regan farm 160 acres carrying 120 commercial Limousin and Limousin crossbred cows shared information regarding his suckler enterprise openly and honestly. His priority is to produce weanlings suitable for the Italian export market. Mikey was adamant that the Limousin cow is his no. 1 choice. On the farm cows are mated to well muscled Limousin and Belgian Blue sires. “Why Limousin cows? The ability of the Limousin cow to consistently deliver a high value calf year on year and command a premium herself once culled is second to none in my experience” he answered. “Limousin cows are easily maintained, they are efficient, and they compliment the Belgian Blue particularly well. I want long shapely cattle that weigh and command top dollar, and I am getting that consistently from my Limousin cows”. “On top of that they are super cows to calve and have great mothering ability. Out of 120 cows I had 1 caesarean section last year.  They are a dream to manage”.

Mikey’s comments regarding consistency and quality were echoed by all three guest speakers: Teagasc beef researcher Dr. Paul Crosson, Richard Hartnett well known manager of Castleisland Livestock Mart, and local  mart manager Tom McCarty (Cork Co-op Marts). Paul Crosson stressed that there are a number of factors governing the potential profitability from suckling: Output is a key driver and this is influenced by factors like stocking rate, calving rate (reproductive efficiency), calf performance and price/kg. Efficiency of production will depend on grassland management and herd health. All three guest speakers applauded the quality of stock on display.

Michael Pat Murphy (Club chairman) presented a voucher on behalf of the ILCS for Limousin straws to Mr. Robert Stout (Caheragh, Skibereen). Robert correctly guessed the weight of Mikey’s 21 month old Limousin stock bull. The bull on display was by the popular muscle sire Mas du Clo and weighed 811 kg.

John McInerney, President of the ILCS, in summarising the event complimented the O’Regan family and pointed to the evidence on display demonstrating why Limousin is the no.1 suckler dam in Ireland. He praised the marvellous efforts of the Cork Limousin Club in running what he described as a most successful, relevant and timely event. John also stated that the Limousin Society was always on hand to those requiring advice regarding Limousin bull selection. “There are bull lines suitable for breeding replacements (maternal qualities) and there are others more suited to specialist beef production, easy calving etc. The information is there and freely available”.

Refreshments were very kindly provided on the night by local businesses Field’s Super-Value and the Crossroads Diner. The Cork Limousin Club wish to sincerely acknowledge the generosity of both John Field and Leslie Salter proprietors of Field’s Super-Value and the Crossroads Diner, respectively.

The club made a presentation to the O’Regan family to mark the event and to recognise the great effort they had gone to in their preparations for the evening.



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Some of cows with hiefer calves on display

Some of the cows with heifer calevs on display

Presentation to M Regan

Presentation to the O’Regan family

Some of weaned bull calves penned indoors

Some of the weaned bull calves penned indoors

Regan addresses crowd

Mikey O’Regan addresses the large crowd


O’Regans new 21 month old Limousin bull

Some of crowd brave weather and go out side

Some of the crowd braving the weather outside

FB welcomes crowd

Frank Buckley welcomes the large crowd to the O’Regan farm

FB thanks family and guest speakers and makes presentation to family

Frank Buckley thanking family and guest speakers

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