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Friday the 16th Oct saw members of the Cork Club head to Carlisle for a two day event consisting of the pre-sale show on Friday, followed by the sale on the Saturday.

Judge on the day was Kevin Bohan, tapped forward Trueman Jagger as the Overall Supreme Champion. Truman Jagger, bred by Henry Savage & sons, Altnamackin, Newry, Co. Down, is a son of Ampertaine Gigolo and is out of Trueman Grazia, a Haltcliffe Vermount daughter.

There was an air of anticipation as the crowd waited for Trueman Jagger to enter the ring on Saturday morning, with an opening bid of 50,000gns, followed by a flurry of bids until the hammer went down at 140,000gns, we witnessed a record price for a limousin bull.

Carlisle 2015 Trueman Jagger - Ring

Carlisle 2015 Trueman Jagger

Truman Jagger was purchased in a five way syndicate split, consisting of Michael & Melanie Alford, Foxhillfarm herd, Cullompton Devon, Paul Dawes, Dinmore herd,  Hereford, Messrs Jenkinson, Whinfellpark herd, Penrith, Gareth Lee, Calogale herd, Carmarthenshire and Kedzlie Farm Ltd, Swalesmoor herd, Lauderdale.

Congratulations also has to go to Clive Knox of the Beachmount herd, with Beachmount Junior a Sympa son, who stood second in his class to the Reserve Junior Champion. This year Clive had judged the Cork Calf Finals in Barryroe.

The Cork Club would like to thank all those who arranged and attended the event.


On Saturday the 19th Sept, the Cork Limousin Club held an YMA event on the farm of Timmy and Marie McCarthy and their family at the Gabriel Herd, Gortnagrouch, Ballydehob, Skibereen, Co. Cork.

The Gortnagrouch herd established with the purchase of 2 Limousin heifers in 1998 and a third in 1999 from the Ardlea herd. Since then, with the use of AI and a stock bull the herd has expanded to breeding base consisting of consists of 12 females, keeping the best of the heifers and selling the bulls direct from the farm.

Guess speaker for the day was Karol Connell from the Carrickmore herd, Oldcastle, Co Meath. Karol walked the YMA members through the Do’s and Don’ts of preparing you animal for showing, covering the following categories;

Haltering and Tying your animal.
Washing & Drying.
Training to Walk.
Animal Judging

After each section Karol encouraged the YMA members to put what they had just learned into practice, with some hands on experience, resulting in an apparent level of confidence building as the day progressed.

Following on from their training, the YMA members we asked to judge a pen of pre-selected heifers. Winner on the day were;

Tim McCarthy
Shane Swanton
Michael Wycherley
Evan Buckley
Aidan O’Neill

In parallel with the YMA event, the adults were asked to judge a pen of maiden heifers, with sponsorship from Eurogene AI and Dovea Genetics. Winners on the night were;

Dick Dorgan
Rosanna  McCarthy
Shane Swanton
Mike Ryan

The night was concluded with barbeque hosted by the McCarthy family.

The Cork Club would like to thank Timmy & Marie McCarthy and their family for hosting the event, James Wycherley for organising the event, Karol Connell for providing guidance and training to the young members and all those who travelled from near and far to make the event a success. 

Presentation Timmy McCarthy

Presentation Timmy McCarthy

YMA Prize Winner  Michael Wycherley

YMA Prize Winner  Michael Wycherley

YMA Prize Winner Aidan O'Neill

YMA Prize Winner Aidan O’Neill

YMA Prize Winner Evan Buckley

YMA Prize Winner Evan Buckley

YMA Prize Winner Shane Swanton

YMA Prize Winner Shane Swanton

YMA Prize Winner Tim McCarthy

YMA Prize Winner Tim McCarthy

YMA Training 1

YMA training

YMA Training 2

YMA training

YMA Training 3

YMA training


On Friday the 26th June, the Cork Limousin Club held a meeting on the farm of David and Betty Condon, their daughter Clodagh and son Owen at the Curracaher Herd, Currahee House, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.

The CURRACAHER herd is an autumn calving suckler herd, with a base of 73 breeding females, 65 of which are commercial and 8 which are pedigree limousine cows.  The herd was originally based on Hereford cross females; however with the introductions of Limousins into the herd in 1994 with the purchase of two purebred heifers from the Canovee herd of Dick Collins, the profile of the herd has dramatically changed; with the 7/8 limousin cross cow now being the backbone of the herd.

Since 1997 a number of stock bulls have been used; leaving their most significant on the he










As part of the evening, a competition was held to guess the weight of the senior stock bull, with sponsorship from Munster AI, Eurogene AI and Dovea Genetics.

The Cork Club would like to express their gratitude to;

David and Betty Condon, their family for hosting the event.

Limousin Office, for their on-going support at such events.



Cork Club Calf Finals - Barryroe Show

Barryroe_2015_Overall Limousin Champion

Barryroe_2015_Calf Champion

Barryroe_2015_Reserve_Calf Champion



Cork Herds Competition Results 2014





On Friday the 12th September, the Cork Limousin Club held a meeting on the farm of Timmy and Mary Dorgan, their daughter Kaitlyn at the Knockpogue Herd, Glenville, Co. Cork.

The Knockpogue herd is a spring calving suckler herd, with a base of 34 breeding females, 28 of which are commercial and 6 which are pedigree limousine cows. The herd was originally based on a combination of Angus and Hereford cross females, off British Friesian dam’s; however with the introductions of Limousin’s into the herd in 2001, the profile of the herd has dramatically changed; with the limousin cross cow now being the backbone of the herd.

2001 saw the purchase of the first purebred limousin female Courthill Pam (with back breeding back to Ulysse) and stock bull Penane Paul, a Haricot son from the Penane herd in Co. Tipperary. This bull has left a significant stamp on the herd, breeding top quality heifers and bulls. Two of the 6 pedigree cows currently running in the herd were sired by Penane Paul.

While maintaining a strategy of breeding replacements from within the herd, a number of stock sires have been used;

  • Killcastle Victor Emmanuel, Nestor son
  • Ballinascraw Crespo, Navarin son- Consistent breeder of quality animal.
  • Powerstown Eoghan, Oliver son - Easy calving, breeding quality heifers, which have been retained in the herd.
  • Current stock sire, Kyle 9, a Highlander son from the Kyle herd in Co. Carlow. Kyle 9 has proven to be easy calving and constant breeder.



The herd currently runs on a 12 week calving interval, February through to April, with a calving interval 372 days placing it in the top 15%.



All animals are finished on the farm;

  • Heifers at 20 months  70% grade U at an average of 330kg
  • Bulls at 16 months 70% grade U at an average of 380kg

2013 saw a batch of bulls, killed off grass at 20 months at 470kg.


The Cork Club would like to express their gratitude to;

  • Timmy and Mary Dorgan, their daughter Kaitlyn for hosting the event.
  • Limousin Office, for their on-going support at such events.



Cork Herds Competition Results 2013


1st  Mistic                         Frank Buckley

2nd  Paircalassa              Declan O Regan

3rd   Powerstown          Brid Cronin

3rd    Quitrent                Tom Jackson


1st    Ballygarvan Stud   Dan O Mahony

2nd   Barryroe                 James Wycherley


1st   Kilcronat                   Michael Bourke

2nd   Coolquane             William & Michael Dorgan

Best Bull Calf                 Mistic Hawkeye

Best Heifer                    Bayygarvan Stud Helga Et

Best Incalf                     Mistic Fia

Best Group of Calves   Paircalassa



On Friday the 16th August 2013, the Cork Limousin Club held a field event on the farm of Michael and Bernie Burke, their son Colm and daughters Michelle and Laura at the Kilcronat Herd, Ballynoe, Co. Cork.

The Kilcronat herd was founded in 1995 when Michael purchased 8 heifers from the Loughane herd. With the use of AI, these heifers became the founding females on which the herd was established, with Loughane Gretchen being one of the key breeders, constantly breeding quality heifers and bulls. Ai sires used were Hortensia, Malbiu, Epson and Jue, with Hortensia being the bull of choice. With the expansion of the herd, saw the purchase of three stock sires since 2003.


On the evening, progeny from these sires were grouped in three separate paddocks around the farmyard. During the tour Michael discussed the pedigree of the different groups and the impact the stock sires, in shaping the herd.


The first of these stock sires was Roundhill Smurf, purchase in 2003 from the Roundhill Herd in Fedamore, Co. Limerick. An Ideal 23 son out of French dam Beresina, this bull has left a significant stamp on the herd, breeding stylish correct and docile cattle, with numerous females being retained with the herd.

2008 saw the purchase of a second stock sire, Millburn Bodybuilder from the Millburn Herd in Tum Co. Galway. A Mas DuClo son out of French dam Olympe, proved himself to be a terminal sire, producing offspring with size and excellent temperament.

2010 saw the purchase of the current stock sire, Castlepooke Diarmuid from the Castlepooke Herd in  Donraile, Co Cork. A Lino son out of Castleview Alexandra (a Ronick Hawk daughter), Castlepooke Diarmuid has proven himself to be exceptional easy calving, while breeding exceptionally quite progeny. The first females retained within the herd will be calving this autumn.

Since 1985 the herd has expanded to a base of 50 breeding females with all progeny being sold directly off the farm, females being sold for breeding and bulls being supplied into the dairy and suckler sectors.


As part of the evening, an YMA stock judging event took place, whereby attending members were asked to judge a pen of four heifers and a pen of four bulls (which were pre-judged by Clive Jennings).

Winners of the YMA stock judging event were:

1st Bryan Mangan, Conna, Co. Cork

2nd Bertog Hawe, Mallow, Co. Cork

3rd Shane Healy, Newcestown, Co.Cork

4th Liam Cronin, Mallow, Co. Cork


Winner of the senior stock judging event was:

Edel Dunne, Lismore, Co. Waterford


The Cork Club would like to express their gratitude to;

Michael & Bernie Burke and their family Colm, Michelle and Laura for hosting the event.


Limousin Office, for their on-going support at such events.



Cork Club Field Evening at The BALLYGARVAN STUD HERD

On Friday the 17th August 2012, the Cork Limousin Club held their club meeting on the farm of Dan and Anne O’Mahony, Ballygarvan Stud Herd, Ballygarvan, Co. Cork.

Ballygarvan Stud was founded in 1991 when Dan attended the Ballydaniel production sale in Wexford and purchased three animals, Ballydaniel Unice with her bull calf at foot sired by the Ballydaniel herd sire Chrystal, and 10 month old heifer, Ballydaniel Anita also sired by Chrystal.

In the following years, Dan continued to expand the profile of the herd with the purchase of females at home and in France, the most recent being a French yearling heifer sired by the Sersia sire Anecodote.

This has led to the expansion of the herd to 15 females from five different cow families, which have delivered considerable success at both local and National level. All members of the family participate.

In 2011 Dan sold a bull at Tully Performance Station, “Ballygarvan Stud Fernando”, sired by the French Sersia sire Neuf and by homebred Navarin sired dam “Ballygarvan Stud Cara”. Fernando was purchased by a breeder from Northern Ireland and has subsequently joined the Gene Ireland panel of bulls. Semen from Fernando ( FQR ) is currently available.

Dan gave a tour of the herd which were grouped in paddocks around the farmyard. Walking through each of the groups Dan discussed their pedigree, breeding success and his breeding strategy which places particular emphasis on docility, easy of calving and maternal traits.

Ballygarvan Herd Tour

On completion of the tour, the group were handed over to Kevin Bohan, from the Ardlea Herd, Mountrath, Co. Laois. Kevin gave a demonstration on grooming and advised on how animals should be prepared for showing/sales. Particular emphasis was placed on starting the grooming / clipping process at least a month to six weeks prior to the show date. 

The Cork Club would like to express their gratitude to;  Dan & Anne O’Mahony and their family Niamh, Aisling and Micheal for hosting the event. Kevin Bohan for making the journey to Ballygarvan Stud, and providing the demonstration. Limousin Office, for their on-going support at such events. 





On Friday the 25th May 2012, the Cork Limousin Club held a field event on the farm of Jim and Sara Good, Aherla Herd, Aherla, Co. Cork.

The meeting started with club chairperson Brid Cronin welcoming all and detailing the agenda for the evening.

The Aherla Herd was established in 1985 when Jim travelled to the Cuaghgrange herd to purchase his first limousin heifer. Within a short period another three females joined the herd; originating from the Castle Herd of Nicholas and Barbara Grubb. These four females became the foundation platform for the Aherla herd, to which all current females can be traced to.

With a priority of reducing gestation length, the breeding strategy employed is to produce medium sized, muscular bulls that are docile and easy calving. This is achieved by using 95% AI, with Sersia bulls being the predominant sires of choice.

Jim gave a tour of the herd, some of which were housed for the judging demonstration; with the remainder grouped in paddocks around the farmyard. While walking through the groups, Jim discussed their pedigree and connection back to the founding females.

On completion of the tour, the group were handed over to Clive Jennings, who proceeded to score two pre-selected heifers. In doing so Clive explained the scoring process; how points were allocated and how this information should be utilised in the sire selection process.

The attending crowd were then invited to judge a pen of four heifers, ranking them based on how they believe they would score. The winners on the night who each received straws from Munster AI were;

      • Fergal Coughlan
      • Kieran Noonan,
      • Michael Dorgan,
      • David Jones,
      • Thomas Corkery,
      • Vincent O Sullivian
      • Declan O’Regan

The Cork Club would like to express their gratitude to;

  • Jim, Sara & Daryl Good and their family for hosting the event.
  • Clive Jennings for making the journey, and providing the demonstration.
  • Munster AI for providing straws for the judging competition.
  • Limousin Office, for their on-going support at such events. 

Cork Club Making a Presentation to Jim  Sara Good




Cork Limousin Club - 2012

2012 has been another successful year for the Cork Limousin Club. We held 3 club meetings with an average attendance of 36 people. Guest speakers included Francis Kearney from the ICF. At this year’s AGM the following the following officers were elected;

Chairperson: Brid Cronin, Vice Chairman: Timmy McCarthy, Secretary: Pat O’Neill, PRO: Frank Buckley.

We congratulate especially the success of three of our club members who flew the flag for Cork Limousin during the year at various society events. First off, on the 3rd of March at the Society’s Premier sale in Roscrea was Clive Jennings, Enniskeane, Co.Cork, who set the pace when he claimed senior champion with his Fieldson Alfy sired bull Brooklands F 0951. This bull had been a multi-first prize winner at summer shows during 2011 and sold to D & L Howells, Gelli Farm, Wales for the price €14000.

Following on from this, Frank Buckley topped an excellent 2012 show season with his much admired September 2011 born Mistic Gucci when he was crowned Junior All Ireland Male at the All Ireland Derby in Elphin. Gucci who is by Wilodge Cerberus had earlier strung up a series of show successes which included the prestigious Munster Pedigree Bull Calf interbreed title at Dunmanway, the club’s Cork Limousin Calf Championship at Barryroe and multiple Limousin Championships and reserve championships. In addition Gucci was awarded Best Bull born in 2011 during the 2012 Cork Herds Competition which was judged by well known UK Limousin breeder and showman Mr. Rob Kirton. Gucci sold privately to well known Scottish Limousin breeders Stephen and Helen Illingworth to join their noted Glenrock herd as junior stock sire.

Cork Limousins were again to the forefront on the 24th of November at the final Society’s bull sale of the year in Tullow. This time it was the turn of James Wycherley who received the honours by achieving Junior Champion with his Ampertaine Commander son Barryroe Gofar. Despite a stiff trade on the day Gofar went on to make top price of €6200.

In June the YMA National Workshop was hosted by the Cork Club. Originally scheduled for the Cork show, this event was relocated to Fermoy Mart due to the adverse weather conditions. The training program was split into a number of sections form Animal Preparation to Stock Judging and Showing - with a key focus on education and enjoyment. The second YMA event took place at the Barryroe show, where Niamh O’Mahoney took first place.

Special thanks to James Wycherly, Frank Buckley and Michael Gunn for co-ordinating the event.

In place of our usual indoor club meetings two on farm field evenings were successfully arranged. The first, on the 25th of May, was held on the farm of Jim Good, Aherla, Co. Cork. In conjunction with this event, a judging/scoring demonstration was performed by Clive Jennings.

The second field evenig was held on the 17th of August on the farm of Dan O’Mahony, Ballygarvan, Co. Cork to view his Ballygarvan Stud herd.  The evening concluded with Kevin Bohan from the Ardlea herd giving a demonstration on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of grooming when preparing for the show and sales ring.

Special thanks to Jim Good and Dan O’Mahony for hosting the events and Clive Jennings and Kevin Bohan for taking part and making the events a success.

This year the Cork Calf Championship was again sponsored by Dovea Genetics and took place at the Barryroe show. The overall Champion was Frank Buckley with Mistic Gucci. Reserve Champion went to Dan O’Mahony’s Ballygarvan Stud Georgina.

In November our members were saddened to learn of the untimely passing of John O’Grady RIP. A founder member of the club and long time Chairman John’s friendly presence at all club events will be sadly missed. To his family we offer our deepest sympathy.

The Cork Club would like to thank the Society for their support throughout the year in making these events a success.




Cork Club Herds Competition 2012

Small Herd:

    • 1st - Mr Frank Buckley - Mistic Herd.
    • 2nd - Mr Michael Pat Murphy - Ballybawn Herd
    • 3rd - Ms Brid Corin - Powerstown Herd.
    • 3rd - Mr John Declan O’Regan – Paircalassa Herd

Medium Herd:

    • 1st - Mr James Wycherley – Ballyroe Herd
    • 2nd - Messers Gerard and Fergal Coughlan – Ballycoughlan Herd
    • 3rd - Mr Dan O’Mahony – Ballygarvan Stud Herd

Large Herd:

    • 1st - Messers William and Michael Dorgan – Hollyview Herd.
    • 2nd - Mr Jim Good – Aherla Herd

Best Bull born in 2011 “Mistic Gucci”, Mr Frank Buckley

Best Heifer born in 2011 “Ballyroe Gail 125”, Mr James Wycherley

Best Group of Calves - Mr Frank Buckley - Mistic Herd

Cork 2012 Herd Winners




Schillaci ties the knot! James n Deirdre

Following in the footsteps of Robbie Williams and Michael Bubl, James (Schillaci) Wycherley, considered by many, Irish Limousin’s most eligible bachelor has taken the plunge. James married Deirdre Hennessy from Glenville Co. Cork on Saturday November 19. The Cork Limousin club together with the Irish Limousin Cattle Society would like to wish James and Deirdre best wishes and a long life of health and happiness.




July 2011: Brid Cronin Field Evening

The Cork Limousin club held an open evening on Saturday 25th July on the farm of Brid Cronin, Powerstown Mallow Co Cork.

Brid’s father Michael was the inspiration in the founding of the Powerstown herd, a man of great vision his first introduction to the Limousin breed was in 1984 when he bought a Limousin bull Canovee Ulick from Mr Dick Collins. Ulick who was a son of Phoenix Ludovic with backbreeding to the renowned sire Hervin was put with the Cronin dairy herd of 70 cows. Read more >>>




YMA Elphin 2009

Cork Club YMA

July 2011: YMA class at Barryroe once again proves a popular feature

The Cork Limousin club hosted another successful YMA class at Barryroe show on Saturday 9th July. The first of our two annual YMA events, once again proved very popular among the club’s youngest members. This years event was made all the more appealing thanks to generous sponsorship provided by the Irish Limousin Cattle Society and A total of 8 youngsters paraded their cattle under the scrutiny of well known breeder and National YMA coordinator Michael Gunn. Read more >>>




YMA Elphin 2009

Cork Club Farm Walk

Cork Club Limousin Farm Walk July 2011

Over 400 farmers attended the hugely successful field evening held on Tuesday July 19th on the farm of Margaret and Dermot Lehane and family at Dromcummer, Kanturk, Co. Cork. The glorious sun shine made for not alone a very informative evening but an enjoyable one also. The event was ably chaired by local Teagasc adviser James Fleming, who fielded contributions from herd owner Margaret Lehane, guest speakers; NCBC beef programme manager Rosalish Goulding and Teagasc Beef Specialist Pearse Kelly, and questions from the crowd. The productivity of Limousin genetics when married with precision management was very evident to all present.  Read more >>>




Cork Club: Limousin Farm Walk

A farm walk will take place on the multi-award winning commercial suckler herd of Margaret and Dermot Lehane, Dromcummer, Kanturk, Co. Cork, this coming Tuesday July 19 and 6.30pm. An event not to be missed the Lehane’s have been champions of Limousin for many years. And when you dig deep into the performance levels being achieved and bottom line in terms of financials it is plain to see why that is the case. The herd is meeting and in many respects surpassing the performance targets being set by Teagasc. Through the use of top Limousin genetics, rigorous management and attention to detail, the performance of the herd is more than impressive. The Teagasc aspiration of €1000/ha gross margin is comfortably being achieved on the farm.

Cork Limousin 1

Cork Limousin 4

ILCS council member and well known breeder Dan O’Mahony with host farmer Margaret Lehane

Some of the top quality Limousin commercial cows and calves that will be on view on the 19th July

Critical elements of the production system will be addressed:

  • Limousin genetics
  • Compact early spring calving
  • Paddock grazing system
  • Replacement selection and 2 year old calving
  • Markets

Directions to the farm:

From Mallow take Killarney road. Pass the Kanturk turnoff. Farm is on right just after the site of the old Duhallow Park Hotel

From Kanturk take Banteer road. At Ballymaquirke cross on the Mallow/Killarney road turn left. Second farm entrance on left.

For further details contact Michael Pat Murphy, Cork Limousin Club on 086 8758160




YMA Elphin 2009

Commercial Heifer Sale

Positive start to Cork Limousin Club first autumn commercial heifer sale!

Following on from their successful commercially focussed field evening on the farm of Michael J. O’Regan, Skibbereen, in July, Monday October 18 saw the Cork Limousin Club host their first ever commercial breeding heifer autumn sale. The sale was held in conjunction with Cork Co-op Marts in Bandon. Considered a bold move, to hold a Limousin heifer sale in the heart of dairy country, the sale was a success. Satisfaction with the heifers presented was expressed by discerning local suckler farmers who competed strongly for the quality lots on offer.  Read more >>>




YMA Elphin 2009

Cork Club YMA

Cork Limousin YMA class proves a popular feature at Barryroe show

The Cork Limousin club hosted yet another successful YMA class at Barryroe show on Saturday July 10th. The first of the club’s two annual YMA events, once again proved very popular among the club’s young members. This year, youngsters as young as 7 participated; with the focus on enjoyment and building confidence. Five budding breeders made their showing debut at Barryroe: Michael and Florence Wycherley, Tara and Evan Buckley and Niamh O’Mahony. The youngsters were put through their paces by master judge Tom Hickey, himself a past notable performer on the YMA stage. Read more >>>




Large turnout at Cork Limousin Club commercial field evening:

Despite the inclement weather a large crowd attended the commercially focussed open evening hosted by the O’Regan family in Skibereen in conjunction with Cork Limousin Club on Friday July 9th. From the many favourable comments received it was clear that few were disappointed with the quality of stock on display and information shared on the night.  Read more >>>




Cork Club Open Evening:

Friday 9th July the Cork Limousin Club are holding an open evening on the farm of Michael F O Regan Skibereen commencing at 6 pm. This is a very successful herd producing top quality weanlings for the export market.

Guest speakers will include Mr Richard Hartnett Manager of Castleisland Livestock mart and Teagasc research staff. An evening not to miss




Cork Limousin Club Report 2009:

This year the Club organised its first commercial Limousin heifer sale at Corrin Mart, Fermoy in April. A sub-committee was formed to plan and organise the sale. All heifers were inspected prior to the sale. Unfortunately the sale wasn’t as successful as hoped; the sale was at the start of a downward trend in cattle prices. We are planning to hold another sale next year hopefully building on the experience of this year. Thanks to Frank Buckley, Michael Pat Murphy, John O’Grady and Dan O’Mahony for their work in getting this project going. Read more >>>




Cork Limousin Club Herds Competition Results 2009:

The 2009 herds competition saw a large entry, which resulted in the services of three judges being required. The Cork area was judged by Mr & Mrs David & Maggie Kelly from Netherhall, Mansergh, Cumbria the home of Fieldsons Alfy and a growing high profile herd. Read more >>>




Cork Limousin Club Report 2008:

The Cork Limousin Club had another busy year in 2008. We had an average attendance of over 20 at our club meetings. At the AGM in February, the following officers were elected for the year:  Frank Buckley as Chairman, Mary Curtin, Vice-chairman and Donal O’Brien, Secretary. In March the Club ran a class of Limousins in conjunction with the Bandon multi-breed bull show and sale. However prices were affected by a major swing to the use of Dairy bulls. Read more >>>




Cork Limousin Club Herd Competition Results 2008:

The 2008 herds competition which was judged in July and August had the largest amount of entries since it began in 2006 . The herd size categories were small herds 5-12 breeding females , medium herd 13-30 breeding females , large herd plus breeding females . Points are awarded for genetic indices ,health & condition of cattle ,docility ,knowledge & interest of both your own herd and Limousin breed and conformity  to breed type . Read more >>>




Cork Limousin Club Herds Competition Results 2007:

The second herd competition which is judged on a club basis over the summer & autumn months was another tremendous success.  The herd size categories were divided into small herds 5-12 breeding females, medium herds 13-30 breeding females and large herds 30 plus breeding females.  The judges awarded points on a number of areas including genetic indices, health & condition of cattle, docility; knowledge & interest in own herd, Limousin breed and conformity to breed type.  This year saw special prizes for best bull calf, best heifer calf and best group of calves born in 2006. Read more >>>




Cork  Limousin Club Herds Competition Results 2006:

The first ever Limousin Herd Competition was organised by the Irish Limousin Cattle Society on a regional basis. The competing herds were inspected in July by competition judge, Mr Matt Ridley of the famous Haltcliffe Limousin Herd in Cumbria, England. This competition was judged on the quality of the herds, genetic indices of the animals and the knowledge/interest of the herd owners. Read more >>>





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