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Brid 1

Cork Club chairman Michael Pat Murphy making a presentation to Brid Cronin

The Cork Limousin club held an open evening on Saturday 25th July on the farm of Brid Cronin, Powerstown Mallow Co Cork.

Brid’s father Michael was the inspiration in the founding of the Powerstown herd, a man of great vision his first introduction to the Limousin breed was in 1984 when he bought a Limousin bull Canovee Ulick from Mr Dick Collins. Ulick who was a son of Phoenix Ludovic with backbreeding to the renowned sire Hervin was put with the Cronin dairy herd of 70 cows.

Delighted with the resulting Limousin Friesan progeny Michael returned to the Canovee herd again in 1986 to purchase Canovee Bunty a bull bred by Castle Randy who himself went back to Ballysorrell Mazurka.

Having got the Limousin fever Michael was not satisfied with just having commercial Limousins  now wanted to start pedigree breeding so along with his daughter Brid travelled to the first official Society sale to be held at Mallow mart on Wednesday 27th January 1988. Trade was brisk but the Cronins were determined and eventually purchased Porthall Akimbo for 2950  from the late Noel Lusby. Akimbo was sired by Ballydaniel Ulster and stayed in the herd for many years.

Brid 2

Cork Club chairman Michael Pat Murphy making a presentation to Brid Cronin

Not content with one female the Cronins found themselves on the road again in 1989 when they travelled to the Society sale in Naas on March 29th. This time they became multiple purchasers and paid a total of 7850 for three females, Curragrange Cathy at 2850 from the herd of Mr J McGrath and who was sired by Creevy Unwin.

Milbrook Di at 2500 from Mr William Smith, her sire being Milbrook Boxer and the final heifer also at 2500 Ballysorrell Dewdrop by Ballysorrell Vesoul from Mr Seamus Cody.

These four females are the only animals that were purchased by the Cronins and they gradually built the herd up to it’s present numbers of 7 pedigree cows, 2 commercial Limousin cows and followers. The Powerstown herd is small and restricted to a farm consisting of  8 hectacres however its achievements are in contrast quite the opposite having been awarded 1st in the Small herds section of the  Cork clubs 2010 Herds competition. Brid has always been a prominent member of the Cork Limousin club and attends all meeting s and participates in club events.


Michael Cronin with Limousin x animals in the late 80s

Brid took over the running of the herd and has done her father proud in the fact that she has continued to promote both her own herd and the Limousin breed at every opportunity.

On the sales front the Powertown herd has always been prominent and has seen bulls selling up to 4100 which she received for Powerstown Unique a Malibu son with breeding back to one of her foundation females Curraghgrange Cathy.

This April Brid made the long journey to Athenry to the Society sale with three bulls  and was delighted to receive €3350 for her 1st prize winning Mas Du Clo son Powerstown Enda. Brid also received €3150 for her 2nd prize winning CVV son Powerstown Fred and €2700 for her thirteen month old VDT son Powertown Fergal.

When asked about the breed today Brid comments “ we have come a long way with the breed, docility has improved immensely along with the overall quality of the animals however I wouldn’t like to see the stature of the animals within the  breed become too large, likewise we never want to compromise the easy calving trait that has always been associated with our breed”

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